How to fix 301 moved permanently error that may block wordpress from search engines


I know the title is long.

And I know this may not relate to this blog, but… someone needed to fix this!

The situation:

I have completely moved all my searches to duckduckgo (read the story), and I’m in the process of reviving this blog, however, when I look in my stats, there is almost no visits to this blog, so the first thing I did, I tried a search in duckduckgo and to my surprise, my blog is not indexed!

Although duckduckgo does not track your searches, they do pull results from bing and yahoo. And we all know by now that yahoo results are from bing.

So I go to bing webmaster tools, I ran a tool called Fetch as Bingbot, this tool will run the bingbot as same as it would normally and give you the results if there was any errors.

The results came in 10 seconds and it said Status: redirection limit reached. Then on the first actual results line, it showed (HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently). I was like huh?!

I have done a ton of search, installed some SEO and xmlmaps plugins to this wordpress site and pinged a few services, I changed the theme and removed any extra plugins then waited for weeks and months and nothing happened.

After a few hours looking at all the articles and un-answered questions on wordpress forums and other sites, it was apparent that it was from the server side. I logged in and checked everything on the server side on WHM and on the specific cpanel. Nothing yet.

I reached my frustration limit and decided to contact my hosting company.

WITHIN 3 HOURS and 5 REPLIES to my ticket, we found the solution, and that’s why I love the top level service I get with Interserver hands down the best service I got from any hosting company in the past 15+ years.

At first I was redirected to the correct department, then his first idea was to look at the .htaccess file, which was perfectly fine.

His 2nd suggestion was that when you type in any browser, it redirected to, and that created a loop.

BOOM, the solution was to go to my wp admin area, go to settings>general  then remove the www from both the wordpress address and the site address. save the changes. immediately go to the fetch as bingbot toll and it’s completely fixed with the amazing message: HTTP/1.1 200 OK.

Now I just have to write a new blog post so it get’s pinged and sit back and relax. should show on search engines very soon.

Why I moved to duckduckgo? Hint: Privacy!

duckI decided to revive this blog.

I know it’s been super long since I have actively blogged. Sorry!

During that time I still used the internet and yes, I use search engines to stay informed. I even bought Google Glass and searched from it for a few things (mostly directions).

During that time Edward Snowden was all over the new about privacy. And for those of you who may ask: I don’t care if it’s the government spying on me, but private companies who’s using my information, sharing it and even selling to bigDATA… that’s a hell NO!

Long story short (I may have more on this soon), I decided to take control of my privacy, and trust me, it paid off.

I completely moved all my searches to duckduckgo, the only search engine comprehensive enough to fulfill my searching needs without tracking every single search and other data. I migrated back to Firefox from Chrome and I am not worried about my privacy as I used to be.

That’s it. take my advice or don’t, but it’s as simple as that, I will share more on other privacy issues in the near future.

Who’s reading this blog?


It’s been a while, a long while.
I’ve missed you. All of you.
I’ve something to share with you, but I’m not ready to share it, it’s personal and I’m still battling weather it’s good or bad. It’s not about business for sure.
I’ll share about it when I’m ready.
For now, I’m really curious to know how many if you still read this blog? Wether you are reading it in your email, rss feed, in a phone app, or whatever. Can you do me a huge favor and let me know if you are reading this? Comment below or just send a tweet to @1LX and let me know.
Can you tell me what would you like me to share here? Should I continue with the same stuff? Should I merge it with another blog? Should I change subjects? Or, should I just shut it down?
Your input WILL help me decide the next steps I should take with this almost 10 years old blog.
Thank you.

Did you ever break Glass? I broke mine (and fixed it) last night

Horrifying yet funny story!
Last night I was on my way to Google NYC for a GDG meetup. I figured let me charge Glass, I plugged my Glass to my solar charger backpack. Been doing that with no issues for a while.
Got to google, charge was full, sat down and unplugged it.
It made a crazy noise with vibration (kind like it got stuck on a ringtone loop) then just BLANK.
I mean blank, no picture, no sound nothing. tried o charge, tried to bluetooth it, just nothing.
I figured I am 1 block away from Glass Studio, I should stop by. I went, they had a private party and not one Glass support was available, they asked me to call the 800 number or come back tomorrow. My heart just stopped (I love Glass and am addicted to it). I tried to call the 800 number (twice) with a hold time to connect of over 30 minutes each. I gave up. And went home.
I tried to hard reset it the second time at home and guess what? It worked like nothing happened at all. Turns out, when I tried to hard reset it the first time, I only clicked less than 15 seconds and I never actually turned it back on after that (3 seconds press after a hard reset).
If this eve happened to you, do not panic, just press the power button for 15 seconds, release, then click again for 3-5 seconds.
Hard reset is not factory reset, you will not loose anything, your timeline and cards are all the same.
Did any of you had this issue before? What did you do?

I finally got Google Glass

That’s all for now, I am busy exploring Glass, it’s simply awesome.

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Remember when we read emails?


Of course you do, email is still king, it’s the first thing you do in the morning, even before you coffee or tea.

Now, do you remember (the little blogging video tutorial site that I sold in 2009 for $h!t load of cash then bought the domain back for almost nothing)? And do you remember when I started a small newsletter and advised everyone to do the same and grow the list?!

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We want to thank everyone who engaged with us throughout the years especially almost 80,000 people by telling you that we will not be adding any advertising to our newsletter until we reach 100,000 subscribers.

We are also breaking some rules, we are sending more books you way, it seamed to get you better attention (or maybe people just read faster now!)

My team just sent one this morning, enjoy the new book :-)

The best Google+ book I read to date

I just finished reading the best book about Google+ (177 pages) and I can vouch for it.

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Selling one Metallica Ticket

I have one last Metallica’s Orion Music Festival ticket with collectible tag for AC, NJ on June 23rd and 24th.

Also looking for someone to share the room right across the street from the gates.