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Guru Of Sales Entrepreneur Superstar comeback!

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Projects done, and anniversaries.

So, I have been gone for a while working on a new project, it’s over and successful.

Holidays rush is over, done lots of classes teaching online trading for the holidays.

Want to say Hello, and Happy New Year (I know it’s late, but better than never).

Was ill since New Year’s day, and finally today in about one hour from writing this it matches my 30 months quit smoking anniversary, (I am not counting anymore) I got an anniversary email today from me decide to quit)  that it’s my 30th month smoke free today at 6:15 PM and according to the great “gadget/tool” I did not smoke over 27000 cigarettes since I quit (WOW) and that’s cold turkey. I am impressed.

So just dropping in saying hello, I missed the apprentice’s first episode but I will still write about it, brand new about me page coming up and also (By demand) a new marketplace/jobs page also coming soon.

Oh… and it will rain articles here very soon as well 😉

See ya soon. new advertising service at ad:tech

With, over 2,000,000 Web site operators, bloggers and individual Web surfers today voluntarily use Snap Shots on their sites and browsers. Snap Shots is used about 15 million times daily and has been translated into 43 languages by volunteers.

In conjunction with the Snap Ad Network, a new program that allows advertisers to deliver content with associated context-based ads to millions of Snap ShotsTM users, today announced Snap Shares, a new way for Web site operators and bloggers to make money using Snap Shots, the most popular Web site enhancement in the world.

Well what is SnapShot?

Follow my blog or subscribe to my RSS feeds or to my email list and I will go through a full review of the service, here is a brief preview as an example of what it is:

When mousing over a hyper link, a small SnapShot window reveals content from the linked site formatted according to the content type, such as a video player from a YouTube link, a brief summary from a Wikipedia link, etc.

I will integrate in my site soon.

The new service, Snap Share, was to be announced on Thursday at BlogWorld expo, but they decided to share it with us today at ad:tech New York.

A new money making stream, Snap Shots with Snap Share allows bloggers & Web site owners to increase their revenue with the context based ads at the bottom of each Snap Shot. This is, I think, the best ad placement since it;s in your content and to the side or bottom of it. said: Snap Shares is actually three ways of sharing ad inventory. Sites can:

1. Have Google serve ads via their Adsense account.

2. Display their own text or graphic ads.

3. Donate their shares of impressions to a Charity of their choice. (I like this option)

The idea behind Snap Shares is to allow sites to…

* Generate new advertising inventory on their site.
* Meet their minimums for pay-out from their Ad Network sooner or increase their monthly checks.
* Improve the user experience of their sites with richer, more interactive content.
* All without having to shift the ads-to-content ratio of their pages.

Joining the SnapShares program is easy.

1- Site/blog operators register at and adjust their Snap Shots to meet their site’s look and feel, such as logos, language, color, size, etc.
2- Each site provides account numbers from their existing advertising providers. If they do not have an Ad Provider, the registration form includes links to participating providers.
3- According to their individual Ad Provider agreement, revenue generated from using SnapShares will be issued directly from their Ad Provider. And I am looking into that, I think it’s a better way to choose who you want to be in your site.

To register for Snap Shares or view a demo, visit

More to come about this subject, get my feeds or subscribe to my email newsletter and know as soon as it’s out.

108 years old granny blogger!

So this is my Q!

108 years old Olive Riley made it through the AP lines to the Yahoo home page in the form of a video news.

Here is a link to the video on Yahoo’s video World’s oldest blogger aside from the great exposure Olive is getting from the Yahoo home page.

Olive just turned 108 and still blogging, she have a lot to blog about from the 2 world wars to raising her children to life in general.

A visit to Olive’s blog at : Showed me an error page from her hosted wordpress homepage, I hope she or the person responsible for that can fix it for her as soon as possible, she is missing out on a lot of hits as I am typing this. (Update: Olive’s blog is fixed now)

From the error page I got my Q to start blogging again, I have been putting it off for a long time and instead I wrote more as a ghost writer. Well, Time has come and lots have change.

The reason I got my Q from Olive’s page was that she is in fact using wordpress to blog. So I know I was taking the right steps towards blogging in the first place.

To Olive: Happy 108th and keep on blogging.

To my readers: I am back!

Blog Action Day

As many of you might know that today is blog action day:

Today I encourage all bloggers to join the force, after all it’s about our own environment!

Steps we (bloggers) can take to make a different:

1- Take action by making a plan (pledge) to save our environment by joining Yahoo’s green program here.

2- Turn your computer off at night

3- Consider donating for an environmental cause.

4- Learn more about recycling and how it works here.

5- You already saving papers by blogging but here is quite a few more ideas:

a. Choose not to print receipts at your ATM. And try to do more online banking.

b. Subscribe to your favorite newspaper or magazine online (Most publications allow that now)

c. If you eat outside, Make sure to use fewer napkins.

6- Buy a more energy efficient monitor for your computer.

7- Plant a tree somewhere.

I know there is a lot more we can do to save our environment but that was just a start.

Enjoy your day, have some green tea.