This weeks (or so) schedule

1. 4/25/2008 For 10 years I have been saying that I am 20 something. I can’t say that starting today. Yes you guess right, it is my 30th B-Day today, if you are my friend on facebook then you got my invite, if not then have some fun and enjoy your day 😉

2. 4/26/2008 My Best friends bachelor party.

3 .4/27/2008 One thing on my to do list: Send a happy birth day card to Darren (my blogging idol from

4. Taking another 4 days off, with a vacation getaway, and it’s a secret 😉 (Man I love being an entrepreneur)

5. 5/1/2008 Family event!!

6. 5/3/2008 Shutting down all my computers for shut down day (Look here)

7. 5/3/2008 Attending my best friends wedding all day.

8. 5/5/2008 If you know the date, then you will know what I am doing. Plus it’s my other friends B-day party.

9. 5/6/2008 Being grateful for wordpress’s schedule post option, so it will look like I didn’t stop posting in the last 10 days. (Yes in case you didn’t know, you can post in the future 🙂 )

10. 5/7/2008 Back to normal life and think about never revealing my personal life’s schedule again

ScribeFire released 2.0.2


One of my favorite blogging tools and top firefox addons is Scribefire, Although if I am not on firefox, I will be using my other favorite tool (Windows live writer), but I can tell you that this tool is a blogger’s dream, if you are a blogger and you do a lot of online research like me, then you will love using this tool.

ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.

I think that says it all. I often get a lot of RSS feeds through firefox that I want to blog about. With ScribeFire I don’t have to leave that page, I can actually have a split screen and browse to any page I like and write my post all in the same time.

ScribeFire has just released version 2.0.2 and it is worth checking out at

Put a voice into your Twitter or blog


As all of you might already know, that I am a twitterholic now. I can’t help it, please add me here: but did you know that you can twitter, or even blog by voice now?!

That’s right, I just stumbled upon and it’s in beta now, but with the simple yet great service you can simply call a toll free number and tweet, blog to your wordpress blog, add to your Google or 30 boxes calendar, add a personal todo list, ad personal reminders, connect with your groups and even check on your zillow.

After you call, the service will read your voice, and save it, then add your tweet to your twitter with a link to your voice too. Do the same steps if you have a quick blog post on your wordpress blog.

Did I mention it’s all for free? Enjoy it 😉

Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day everyone. It is sure fun to write and read about it, but did you personally take action today? I know I did, and have been for the last 3 years. So let’s keep it clean and green. Comment below and tell the world what did you do. if you didn’t then please, get up and do something.

Here is 2 videos to get you going:

And I want to thank our earth for everything we took for granted.

Thank You Earth

May 3rd Shut down day.


May 3rd of this year marks my best friends wedding, and also one of my new favorite days, the shut down day.

It is becoming one of the biggest global movement ever, to shut down your computers completely for 24 hours.

The idea started to find out if people can stay away from computers for 24 hours, and what will happen. Well I did it last year, and I took a long bike ride (First time out after my leg accident) and it was great.

This year I am committed to taking the next step in my effort to help have greener earth.

I will not only shut down all my computers, I will also shut down this blog for 24 hours with one logo that will show.

I will also be at my friends wedding, but after the wedding I am going to be in time square to participate in a flash mob (I got the idea from the site) and then I will just go home and simply sleep.

To find out more (And please do) go to and see the way that you can participate, of course the idea is still to shut down your computer for 24 hours. and just enjoy your day 😉

Advertising is now available.


Just a quick announcement:

It is my pleasure  to announce that we have finally added and improved our advertising opportunity on this blog, and that spots are now available to purchase here.

We made a one time early bird special, get your spot soon as we expect to get more advertiser and spots will fill up fast. Go to our advertise page  and check out the positions available.

If you, your company, your friends, or a website you know need to get that extra exposure, then this is the right opportunity for you.

Also spread the word to any one you know that might be interested, we appreciate the help.

After the special period is over all prices will go back up.

Note: Only our former advertisers will get 15% discount as promised, as long as they advertise the same URL.

Good luck to all 🙂

Facebook Chat. finally!


Let’s see, I have Yahoo messenger, MSN/Live messenger, AOL’s AIM, Skype, Google talk, ICQ and social IM.

I had to put them all in one application so I used Trillian for a while then switched to pidgin and I extremely recommend pidgin for everyone.

Then to keep in touch with my friends on facebook, I installed a new application: Social IM.

Just today, facebook came up with their own chat service, very similar to the one from within Gmail, it is online and it’s in the form of a nested tool bar on the bottom of every page from within your profile.

Great idea really, now there is a way to instantly chat with friends and (even better) find out who is online right now.

Not that I have anything against facebook’s messaging/email system, as a matter of fact I liked it a lot, because it took the form of a real chat (Just like Gmail) when you are messaging someone. But it still had a delay factor in it. Well that’s OK now because I can see who is on and who is not and chat with them instantly. And as an added feature, facebook respects your privacy, so they added the option of not showing that you’re on by making yourself unavailable.

Overall I think it’s a great addon to the facebook platform and I think they chose the correct location for it.

By the way, you can add me as a friend on facebook here:

Go facebook go 😉

Barack Obama Vs. Hillary Clinton, Online!



Again, I am making the statement that my interest in politics is zero, at least to the public 😉

But I found this a great way to see how powerful the Internet and Web 2.0 in general.

Doing some research earlier I found that in 2 of the most visited sites (Twitter, and Technorati) that Barack is way much more popular on both.

More followers on twitter (His twitter page have the most followers on twitter ever at this point) and he ranks first on Technorati most popular tags.

That’s only 2 sites that I researched, I am sure there is more ways out there to predict the future and Only time will tell if the Internet is right.

Follow me on twitter here:

And don’t forget to add me to your Technorati faves here:


Alexa’s new ranking (I’m loving it)


Did you notice a huge jump in your Alexa ranking today or yesterday?

I know I did. It changed to a lower ranking for the 3 months average but a much higher for the week average, probably because my inactivity last week because of my vacation.

Alexa is finally listening to their users and adding more algorithms and ways to calculate the global ranking, instead of just relaying on their toolbar input alone.

The new ranking is much better as it shows more real time ranking and a much better "True" rank.

Here is some questions and answers from the announcement page:

My site’s ranking has changed. Was it wrong before?

Your ranking wasn’t wrong before, but it was different. Alexa toolbar users’ interests and surfing habits could differ from those of the general population in a number of ways, and we described some of those possible differences on our website. While the vast majority of sites’ rankings were unaffected by such differences, we’ve worked hard on our new ranking system to adjust for situations in which they could matter.

The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.

Why are the long range graphs gone? I can only get 9 months of historical data.

We are recalculating historic traffic data and will continue to add it over the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience, but should have several years of data back on line shortly.

Will you change the rankings again?

We are constantly working to ensure that we provide the most useful data that we can. We will continue to fine tune our algorithms but don’t foresee any additional big changes. If you think something is amiss please let us know.

I liked the old rankings better. Are they still available somewhere?

We liked the old rankings as well. However, we developed the new system in response to the huge number of requests we got from users like you, and now that it’s done we like it even better. We hope you will too.

We think that having more than one ranking system at a time would be confusing, so we have removed the old rankings.

Do you want to know what I think about this?

Definitely. We’ve been collecting suggestions and ideas for months now, and would love to hear more. If you have thoughts on what we’ve done so far, or ideas on what we should do next, please share them with us.


All I can say is: Thank you Alexa team and that the new ranking methods are almost real. If they only tell us how they are doing it now. Fear nothing, they will reveal some secrets within the next weeks and months.

A new era of true ranking is here. 😉

Jon Stewart Daily show BAD Jerry Seinfeld


Although I liked the comedy (That was about nothing) but Jerry used to be one of my favorites, until bee movie came out and he had to promote it.

Back in November of 2007, one of the places he had to promote on another favorite of mine: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Every thing was fine until the end when Jerry made fun of blogs acting like it’s a bad word or something!!! That’s a big no no Jerry!

Too bad it was a day before the writer’s strike, so the show was on repeat for quite a while. But even after the show started again when the strike was over, Jerry never came back or talked about his close to an insult comment. Only thing he did was to cut that ridicules looking hair cut of his 😉

On the other hand, Last Sunday, April 14th was declared by the famous Darren from as bloggers appreciation day.

Thank you Darren for thinking of all of us.