eBay DevCon 08 coverage video 3

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Paper Shamoo for travelers!

Where was that when I traveled to Chicago last week? I think this is a great idea for travelers, specially who fly since you can’t take your “liquid” shampoo with you on your flight.
Packages have 30 shampoo sheets and go for $12.50
I have to buy one to try it, I think it might be better than cheap hotel shampoo 😉

eBay live 08 floor coverage (video 2)

As Was is a full service consulting firm specializing in eBay and online sales, business creation and operations management, marketing, and custom website development. We are uniquely poised to launch and improve eBay and online businesses through listing design, creation and presentation of the seller’s brand and identity, sales and marketing strategies, and other services. We are eBay’s first Certified Service Provider, and are the only company in the world combining over a decade of website and online sales and marketing experience with years of eBay knowledge.

As Was President Debbie Levitt is a recognized expert on eBay, online and offline marketing, online selling, virtual companies, website trends and usability, domain names and associated legal issues. She has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Startups Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Making Money on eBay” live internet radio show. You’ll hear Debbie a few times a year being interviewed by Griff on his radio show.

eBay live 08 floor coverage video

Thanks to twitter (www.twitter.com/guruofsales) my new friends from RedRoller.com found me at the booth where I was at eBay live and introduced me to their service. The site is www.RedRoller.com and the service (In my own opinion) is a great time saving service for eBay sellers.
Some of the key benefits of RedRoller’s package shipping service include:

* Cost Savings – Save time and money when shipping packages;
* Convenience – Easy to use, One-Stop Shipping system;
* Service Comparison – Accurate information to balance cost of service versus delivery time;
* Know your Shipping Costs – Users know the ‘landed’ cost to ship a package before shipping;
* Automated Transaction Processing – Prints authorized carrier shipping and postage labels;
* Tracking – Ability to notify customers and track all packages from multiple carriers from one central site;
* Reporting – Ability to manage shipping invoices and analyze information from one central site;
* Accessibility – Use RedRoller’s service from any Internet connected computer; and,
* Integration – eBay® sellers can manage shipments across up to 10 eBay accounts through a single RedRoller account.
Here is the video interview. Enjoy:

Sneak peek pictures for eBay Live 08!

So here are some pics from behind the scene at eBay live 08 in Chicago:

1.  I am guessing this is where the keynotes and gala will be:

DSC00535 DSC00537 DSC00538

2. Some banners:

DSC00541 DSC00540

3. Room 193, where I will be speaking for the education specialist training day:

DSC00563   DSC00568DSC00561