The DEATH of!


Well, it’s not really dead, but if you type it in, it will redirect you to the all new (Or delicious 2.0 as some may call it).

Today, (a Yahoo! company) launched their new interface with a lovely and user friendly interface (redesign). An update that me and millions of delicious community users have been waiting for.

And the official site for it is Why they have changed it? Here is why:

They’ve seen a zillion different confusions and misspellings of “” over the years (for example, “”, “”, and “”), so moving to will make it easier for people to find the site and share it with their friends.  Of course the old domain and all its URLs will continue to work.  Also note that the domain change requires a new login cookie, which is why everyone has to log in again.

From their blog, they have also updated the following:

Speed: We’ve moved to a new infrastructure that makes every page faster. This new platform will enable us to keep up with traffic growth while ensuring Delicious is responsive and reliable. You may not have noticed, but the old back-end was getting creaky under the load of five million users.

Search: We’ve completely overhauled our search engine to make it faster and more powerful. Searches used to take ages to return results; now they’re very quick. The new search engine is also smarter, and more social: you can search within one of your tags, another user’s public bookmarks, or your social network. Now it’s easier to take advantage of the expertise and interests of your friends, not to mention the Delicious community at large.

Design: Finally, we’ve updated the user interface to improve usability and add a few often-requested features (such as selectable detail levels and alphabetical sorting of bookmarks). Our goal has been to keep the new design similar in spirit to the old one, so all of you veterans should be able to jump in without any confusion. At the same time, we’re hoping that newcomers to Delicious will find it easier to learn. Check out their  “What’s New” page for an overview of the changes, or watch the animation video above that summed it up nicely.

30 Day Challenge starts tonight!

I have been a huge fan of Ed Dale and Dan Raine’s work and the 30 days challenge throughout the years. The idea is simple, they will help you throughout the month of August (30 days!) to make your first $10 online without having to spent anything upfront. (Kind of the same idea I have planned for my own upcoming school).
So I am spreading the word out for this years challenge starting tonight at 8pm EST.
All you have to do is to go to and signup then watch some videos.

I will go through more details about the 30 day challenge and also my online school within the next 30 days!
Here is a pre-season video:

HTC attack on the 3G iPhone

As many of you may already know, I am anti-Apple! Therefore, I DO NOT like the iPhone, nor do I like its little successor the iPhone 3G. What amazes me is that all my friends are trying to defend it!

The Pocket PC has been around forever, though it never had the hype that came with the overmarketed iPhone — the only reason so many know so little about what it can do.

But don’t get me wrong — I’m no Microsoft fan, either. Whether it’s Windows or Linux — my own new computer is Ubuntu powered and I am very happy with it so far — I just don’t like being controlled and limited by the lack of options that any Apple product offers. I will explain more about Macs and iPods in a future post.

The main reason I dislike iPhones is the presence of little to no flexibility for third-party applications. Yes, there’s the App Store — but why pay for an app on the iPhone 3G that you can get gratis for Windows Mobile?

Yes I admit that most pocket PC’s used to be big and bulky and they used to be limited to their processors speed, but that’s all history now.
I’ve reviewed a couple of Windows Mobile-based phones, but no gadget from any manufacturer got a dropped-jaw reaction until today, and the device that did it was not Cupertino’s baby but the Touch Diamond from HTC.

HTC has launched its answer to Apple’s smartphone juggernaut; that answer is the?HTC Touch Diamond.

Though similar in form and function, HTC’s offering is far superior in many respects. First, HTC brought an innovated interface dubbed TouchFLO 3D to the device, bringing the contents and functions of your phone close to hand with convenience and style. But they didn’t stop at a better interface. They pushed the envelope further with features like intelligent ringer selection: Place the Diamond face-down on a flat surface and your phone will “go to sleep.” For more of the Diamond’s groundbreaking
features and functions, go here.

Will the HTC Touch Diamond be a major contender for the iPhone 3G’s title this summer? The world will decide, and we’ll be here watching; the Diamond dropped in Europe in June with release in the rest of the world coming later this year. (Or take a look at Amazon for unlocked devices.)

Here is the product description from Amazon:

The HTC touch Diamond rivals the iPhone yet again. HTC’s new flagship
phone has virtually every feature available! The huge 2.8 Inch
touchscreen LCD has an impressive 480 x 640 resolution, perfect for
showing off the vivid pictures you can take with the built in 3.15MP
camera. The all new TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation is the most
elegant interface we’ve ever seen on a Windows device to date. The 4GB
internal hard drive gives you plenty of room to store movies, pictures,
music and Windows Mobile 6.1 programs, and the 528 Mhz processor will
burn through any task you throw at it. But that’s not all the Diamond
manages to offer! A-GPS is built in so you’ll never get lost on the
road. Need to get connected? The Diamond has WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth
2.0 with A2DP, HSDPA 7.2Mbps (EU and AS only) and EDGE. The list goes
on and on for this amazing HTC phone, and it’s even thinner than the

This is CRAZY: I think you need help with your blog!

I know I said that my last post was the last push for the new Blog Mastermind program, but I just heard that 70 spots were taking already and there is only 30 spots left for the first 100 signups bonuses!

I expect you have seen what Yaro Starak released during the previous week.
The videos and interview with a million dollar blogger he published to help us all become better bloggers really impressed a lot of people (including me).

Today is your chance to become the next blogging success story and Yaro is willing to help you get there.

His private coaching program has just opened to take on new students. You can
join here
The program, called Blog Mastermind, is comprehensive and includes (Here is th real good stuff):

– A step-by-step coaching course delivered in weekly lessons in text and audio format.

– Private members-only forum community and access to regular live training calls with Yaro (you can ask him anything you want about your blog).

– Video case studies of blogs and a ten-part series of audios
from Yaro covering the core aspects about what it takes to earn big dollars from a blog.

– Access to the social traffic club, a special community of members who help each other drive traffic to their blogs from social media sites.

– 5 unique interviews with professional bloggers like Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and Andy Wibbels.

– Plus loads more.

You can take a behind the scenes tour and hear Yaro talk about his coaching program if you watch the short video at the start of the sign-up page: here

This is definitely the only course I know of that teaches you how to make a full time living blogging only part time, and how to build a real business from a blog, taught by someone who has actually done it.

Yaro’s teaching style is unique, he’s easy to learn from and has an ability to make complex subjects simple to understand.

He’s also one of the only bloggers I know of who really understands Internet marketing and how to build a business that doesn’t suck all your time.

Plus he makes over six-figures a year from his blog, so that’s enough proof for me!

No matter what level of blogger you are, whether you are brand new and still don’t even have a blog, or you are an experienced blogger who wants to take their income to the next level and stop working so hard, Blog
Mastermind is for you.

Yaro is offering 3 fast-action bonuses for the first 100 new members who join his program today.
They include three interviews and videos on important subjects to any blogger: Read all about it in my last post here

These bonuses are only for the first 100 (30 spots left at the time writing this) new members today, so you
better hurry if you want these extra goodies. Here is the link to join the coaching program.

Even if you don’t join Yaro’s program today, make sure you study his videos and the Blog Profits Blueprint report he gives away.

Yaro offers so much great advice that won’t cost you a cent and I’m sure if you follow his instructions you will begin earning rewards from your blog.

Bonuses If You Make The First 100 on the new Blog Mastermind

This is the last push for this program, The doors to Blog Mastermind opened today and it’s filling up extremely fast! If you are one of the first 100 people to signup today, you will get 3 great bonuses, to signup: Go here
Here are your bonuses if you act fast:

Bonus 1: “Conversion Blogging Revealed” – Live Teleconference With Yaro Dissecting The Conversion Blogging System

Yaro presented the strategy in the Conversion Blogging
video, in this teleconference He will break it down so you can directly
apply it to your blog. He will also take your questions live in a special
Q&A session just for the first 100 new Blog Mastermind students.

You will learn –

  • How to craft a compelling offer to convince people to join your email list
  • What incentives work best to maximize the number of opt-ins to your email newsletter
  • Where to put the newsletter opt-in box for best results
  • What type of email messages you should send to your newsletter to build relationships
  • How to use your newsletter in tandem with your blog for big profits
  • And a whole lot more, completely dedicated just to Conversion Blogging

Bonus 2: “How To Use The Power Of Video To Market On The World Wide Web
– Live Teleconference With Gideon Shalwick PLUS six brand new videos
from Gideon, the man behind the fantastic videos

Gideon is the guy who has taught Yaro everything he know about online
video so far, and he’s a lot better at it than Yaro :-). Video is obviously
an important part of the strategy for Blog Mastermind and it’s amazing
how good a marketing and teaching tool it is. You simply have to get on
top of this aspect of Internet marketing, and if you are one of the
first 100 people to join Blog Mastermind, Gideon is going to help you
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Gideon’s offering six brand new videos and will jump on a teleconference with Yaro to teach us:

  • Exactly what kind of equipment you’ll need to record perfect video
  • The secret formula for creating powerful video scripts
  • How to setup your shooting area to increase the quality of your videos
  • How to capture and record your first video
  • How to edit your video using a free and easy to use editing program
  • How to get your new video onto your own blog or website
  • Plus you can ask Gideon any questions you may have about video marketing

Bonus 3: “How To Boost Critical Conversion Points In Your Blog Business” – Live Teleconference With Will Swayne on testing elements of your blog and email newsletter to improve conversion rates

Will Swayne and his company,, are Yaro’s conversion specialists. They help by testing Yaro’s opt-in forms and sales pages to increase conversion at each point in his business process.

In this live teleconference with Will, only for the first 100 new
Blog Mastermind students who join today, we will review the critical
conversion points of a blog business, including –

  • What are the critical elements of a blog post to test to make more sales
  • How to sell more affiliate products by improving upon what you already do
  • Simple tweaks you can make to your email newsletter to improve open and click-through rates
  • How to change your newsletter opt-in form to boost how many people join your email list
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You get all three of these bonuses if you join Blog Mastermind today and are one of the first 100 people to do so.

You will receive the details for the teleconferences and video
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So don’t wait, go sign-up to Blog Mastermind now, here is the link again: Signup with Blog Mastermind

Can you believe this blog is worth $5 million dollars?

Blogging can make you a millionaire – here is proof:

Whoever said blogging can’t make BIG money had not heard this story.

Yaro Starak interviewed his previous student, Alborz Fallah, who is the owner of – a car blog for Australians, which was valued at $5 million dollars and generates close to $50,000 a month.

You can listen or read the interview here: Click here for interview

Alborz started his blog like most people, sitting at home, writing content each day outside of the time he spent at his full time job. His blog grew, he started making money and he just kept working.

Eventually he was approached by people who wanted to buy his blog. He said no, until someone came along who only wanted to buy a share in the site and help it continue to grow. Alborz agreed and his blog immediately went from part time hobby, to full time business.

Today, Alborz’s blog has full time employees, he travels to Europe to test some of the most prestigious cars in the world and it’s fair to say he is living a dream – making big money writing about a topic he loves.

In this interview you can hear Alborz talk about how he grew his traffic, how he brought on investors to help grow his site and what’s it like being in charge of a multi-million dollar blog.

It’s worth listening to this interview because you can learn some key things to help with your own quest to make a profitable blog, for example:

– How Alborz chose the topic for his blog is a great lesson for anyone else out there struggling to come up with a blog topic.

– The search engine advice Alborz offers is powerful yet simple and will immediately help your own blog get more traffic, if you follow it.

– The story of how investors came on board to take Car Advice to the next level is unique, but definitely worth hearing because it shows how you can grow a blog from just making a few hundred dollars, to making six or seven figures a year.

The interview is available for instant download in MP3 or text transcript.
Here’s the link again: Click here to download the free interview

Yaro released this video to inspire people to believe what is possible with a blog.

If you want to follow in Alborz’s footsteps, consider taking on Yaro as your blog coach and join his Blog Mastermind coaching program and you might just become the next Alborz.

I’ll speak (With even more details soon) to you soon.

Google & Digg: A bad deal!

While on my Semi-Vacation (I will share some crazy daring videos soon), I heard that Google was in negotiation to buy, in an effort for Google to tap into the social media market (They’re not playing), and I heard that they offered $200 million!! I think that digg is worth a bit more than that.
Then within a week, Google walked off the deal! I wonder why (Again 🙂 )

A Google launch: KNOL!

While on my “Semi-vacation!” I was working behind the scene, when all the sudden Google launched their new (Introduced originally in 2007) encyclopedia that’s edited by users. KNOL (pronounced: nol) as in (KNOwLedge) and each page is called a KNOL which means (ironically) a unit of knowledge.
Don’t make the mistake of going to which belong to some kind of hardware company in a non-English language (Their rank jumped up from 1,112,000 to only 91,000 in less than a week (I wonder why!)).
The correct address that you may want to add to your is:
Unlike Wikipedia, Knol recognize their authors and feature them as experts with their real bios and photos. (In the process while signing up, Google will call your phone as part of their verification of your authority).
I like that. Along with a couple of other options that I found out ahile playing with it the last couple of days:

  • You will have options to choose how you licene your work.
  • You will share some income with the ease of adding your AdSence with your work.
  • I love the WYSIWYG editor (Allowing you to add HTML) unlike Wikipedia.
  • And you can have more than one person publishing their work in one Knol.

I have heard this around the web for the last couple of days: It’s the Wikipedia killer, and I think that this project was Google’s attempt to compete with Wikipedia. To my surprise “Wink Wink” I find some pages on Google search results from Knol ranked higher than pages from Wikipedia, and that’s only within the first 3 days of it’s launch to the public. Which raise my (And a lot more people) point: isn’t this a conflict of interest?! Wasn’t Google’s main mission is to stay natural?!
I wonder!

Free video from Blog Mastermind

I figured to start the new Guru Of Sales 2.0 with an announcement from one of my all time favorite bloggers/mentor, Yaro Starak is opening the doors for the second time to his profit from blogging school. I think the school will be on the term of six months, and he is introducing a new approach for making money from your blog: (Conversion blogging) which I found very intersting, to be honest I thought about teaching something very similer in my upcoming school, but I can never put it in the same way that Yaro is doing.
If you have been following any of the A-list bloggers you probably already know that most of them are promoting this program, this is how good Yaro is and this is all I can say about it for the moment.
Before I tell you any more, Blog Mastermind open the doors for new members tomorrow (July 28th 2008) and I will leave you with this free and very informative video: here
Make sure to watch it as soon as you can, you have my guarentee that you will like it. 🙂