Facebook: The Movie!

Yes you heard it right, Just learned about it from the New York Entertainment blog, Aaron Sorikin of “Charlie Wilson’s War” will be writing the screen play.
Of course Aaron have a Facebook fan page, and he have just agreed to write the movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about how Facebook was invented (I wonder how :-p ).
I know that I for one will be watching it the second it’s out, since I am a facebook addict 😉
I think I have close to 500 friends as I type this on facebook, and I am never tired to send happy birthdays or helping others on the facebook help forum, remember to add me as a friend, I like making new friends 🙂

Did you hear about the iPhone girl?!

Well, I did!
A long article linked from Yahoo! (homepage) about a huge buzz going on regarding a new iPhone shipped to a British client with a picture of a girl working in a Honk Kong factory…. Blah blah blah.
Get it? It’s another stunt from Apple, a marketing stunt that is. Creating more and more of the hyped iPhone 3G buzz. Very smart, still I will never change my mind about Apple, now that people finally getting the picture that it’s all just good marketing. I mean great marketing, specially after all the mistakes going on with the 3G and the security hacks it’s been getting.
Apple, I rest my case 😉

RocketPlace Announces September 2008 Speakers

RocketPlace, the premier conference for new eBay sellers and
PowerSellers, is proud to announce their speakers for their September
10-12, 2008 event at The Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The
full schedule of sessions can be found at www.rocketplace.com/agenda.
Confirmed speakers include:
* Todd Lutwak, Senior Director of Seller Development at eBay, who will
be giving the Advanced track keynote as well as a session for the
Beginner track.

* Marsha Collier, best-selling author of eBay
For Dummies and many other For Dummies books, will be giving the
Beginner track Keynote.

* Jane Judd, Senior Manager of the
Customer Service Loyalty Team at Zappos.com will deliver the closing
keynote for the Advanced Track.

* Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Ten
Golden Rules, is a seasoned marketing professional with over twenty
years of business experience. He has managed marketing departments for
Fortune 500 brands: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, and has developed
traditional and direct marketing programs for AT&T, Sprint and
eDiets.com. Jay was the highest-rated speaker at our Spring 2008
RocketPlace conference, and we welcome him back!

* John Lawson
of 3rd Power Outlet, David Yaskulka from Blueberry Consulting, Tim Woda
from buySAFE, Cindy Litchfield from Cloud Dome, Bodin Suttles from
Endicia, Amy Kendall from HammerTap, Jason Guzman from JunctionQuest,
Michael Lambert from Merchant Advantage, Brian Gibbs from Refund
Retriever, Edward Sayers of RPM Business Group, Phyllis Wischer of
SageFire, Adam Morris from Sell Center, Michael Levit from Vendio, Lisa
Suttora from WhatDoISell.com, and a variety of the experts at As Was
including CEO Debbie Levitt.

RocketPlace has one track for
beginners looking for the road map for eBay business success. A second
track is for PowerSellers looking for tips on how to grow with all of
eBay’s recent changes as well as how to use the latest techniques,
strategies, and tools to improve their eBay businesses. More
information is available on www.rocketplace.com

Winner of the free eBay brand bag contest

Here is the winner of this contest picked randomly using this tool from a total of 15 entries and they won the bag in the picture below:

The winner is:
Sam, from www.tfcelkton.org and I have contacted them for shipping details.

I would like to say to every hard working person out there that thought I was in my only summer vacation to stop playing in the little league and join the big guys league, make sure to come back here or get the RSS feed of this blog so you don’t miss out on the new upcoming online “FREE” school to teach you how to have the same life style I have, technically I have been on vacation since September of 2007, that’s almost 1 year of minimal work (About an hour a day) and I am making better profit than ever and it just keep growing every day. Again remember to get the RSS feed.

Also I am excited to announce… well I have 3 big announcements in the next 24 hours and I will be revealing each in a post, so get the RSS feed so you won’t miss it: The RSS feed can be found by clicking here.

Now, I have one more thing about this contest, I have another bag (exact same bag) that I was intending to give away as well in another contest, but one of the comments on this contest grabbed my attention it was from: Fajar Jasmin of sanewords.wordpress.com and here is a copy of the comment:
I want that bag because such bright combination of colours will attract
my son who happens to have autism. It will help to soothe him when he
has his tantrum. I couldn’t afford to buy necessary study aids for him
because I myself have an HIV. See http://sanewords.wordpress.com for my story :)

As I always intended for this blog to be all about good things, I decided to send that second bag to Fajar along with another item that might grab his son’s attention as well, and hope for his cure, but before I send it, I would like to offer for any one who would like to add anything into the bag to be sent to Faraj and his son as well, to please email me back through the contact form if they want to send Fajar anything, and I will make arrangments to send it all to him in the same shioment.
I have to metion that I have never met Fajar before and I have no previuos relationship with him, I understand his situation because I know a friend that teaches in an autistic children school, and that’s why I decided to offer help. I will be sending the items to him in a week, so please contact me before then if you would like to help as well.

Win an eBay brand messenger bag!

I am taking advantage of the weekend, will be away in a nice house on the beach, however, while I am gone I thought to keep you guys a bit busy 😉
I got the bag back at eBay live in Chicago and it’s really nothing big, what you see in the picture below is what you get!
No cash needed not even for shipping it to the winner.
All you have to do is to comment with (I want the eBay live bag) on this post and I will contact the winner to get details so I can send it to them.
The only catch is that there is a minimum of 5 entries for this contest.
If I get less than 5 entries (5 individuals) before the end of the contest (Monday the 25th at 4 PM EST), there will be no winners.
The winner will be chosen the same way we did here.
Here is a photo of the bag:

Seinfeld to be pitchman for Microsoft!!

Let’s see if $300 million will change Jerry’s mind (His point about blogging still pisses me off).
The planned fall advertising campaign is not yet to be officially announced, but it will soon.
The Wall Street Journal first reported the plans. Citing people close
to the situation, it reported the comedian will be paid $10 million for
appearing in ads with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.
But for us younger consumers especially, can Seinfeld turn the image tide for Microsoft? Well I guess it will (but then again, you know my views of the MAC and Apple in general 😉 ).
“Seinfeld does represent sort of a challenge,” says Brian Steinberg,
television editor for the weekly advertising magazine Ad Age. “He’s not
Dane Cook. He’s got a more sophisticated everyday take on things. He
often comes across as a questioner of conventional wisdom but also can
be kind of a crank. It’s a fine line to walk when you’re dealing with a
younger person.”
I guess it’s time that Microsoft and MR. gates are back in the TV advertising game again, after all, all the hype that was created for MACs and iPhones was just smart marketing from Apple.
My question is: Will Jerry be advertising anything about the Windows Live Writer? because let’s face it, for $300 Million I think he should change his opinion about blogs. Don’t you think?

Another Ferrari Killer

Well it’s another killer design by no other than Ferrari.
About a week ago I wrote about the Ferrari designing firm new chair design, today I read about this new design concept, that is ready to go, meaning: That we might see this baby on the high way soon.
The concept it self is from the designer genies: Iman Maghsoudi.
He designed it so that once you reach a predetermined speed, the onboard computer will change the car’s
aerodynamic profile, using winglets called canards ahead of the front
wheels to create lift which reduces friction. In most cases, the
resulting vehicle would be called an airplane, but with the Monza,
ground effects come into play to keep it on ground!

To Grandmother: Rest in peace

This post is dedicated to the memory of my Grandmother who just passed away last night.
I apologize for the bad news and any inconvenience to anyone who might be reading this, but I think after all my grandmother did in her life, that it is my duty to honor her memory.
I still remember that she raised me and took care of me the first 2 years of my life.
I still remember her cooking, the good stuff that I will never be able to have again.
I remember going to her house every Thursday or Friday for family dinner, and how much fun we all had.
I remember her being the voice of reason in any family argument.
I remember seeing her for the last time 9 years ago, right before I moved out.
I remember her voice when I called her at the hospital a week ago.
I remember the feeling I had when I couldn’t offer her any help for her battle with liver cancer 🙁 (Why her?)
And I remember hearing the bad news through Skype last night at 1AM and how shocked I was.

I tweeted about it and I thank every one who sent me their condolences. My real sadness comes from not being able to be next to my mother to comfort her or even be at the funeral (Overseas). But I am their in spirit.

My Grandmother will be missed dearly.
And I will always remember and love her.

Grandma: Rest in peace.

The Ferrari of desk chairs!

The design firm “Pininfarina” that designed cars like the “Enzo Ferrari” also designed this cool desk chair that you can get for $3000!

The seat uses a cushioning material called Technogel that reduces
fatigue by 60%, and Dynatec, a fabric developed for Olympic athletes to wick
moisture from the body. I think that the Xten is designed to remain comfortable all day long.

Of course it comes in different colors 😉

Interview with John Chow (Tips on Affiliate & blogging)

Here is one of the most important interviews I have ever done, John Chow agreed to meet me in Boston and agreed to share with us his greatest tips for affiliate marketing and for blogging. Being the great blogger that he is, I advice any blogger to listen to these tips. Here is the video:

(If the video does not open in your RSS reader, please go to www.GuruOfSales.com instead)
There you have it from the great one himself.
When you sign up with an affiliate program, make sure to contact your affiliate manager and ask them to increase your commission rate, 9 out of 10 times they will do it. (That is true, I did that with one company before. Now I am doing for all the other companies I am with).
Also when blogging, do it like John said, be passionate about it, don’t do it because you have to or because you want to make some cash fast, that never worked before and will never work for anyone.
When I speak in seminars about blogging, I always mention 3 names:
Darren Rowse, John Chow and Yaro Starak. As some of you may already know my plans for an online school for blogging/Online marketing/Web 2.0 tools/Social networking (Coming up soon), I will make sure to showcase most of their work as bloggers, but for now, please enjoy the video above 🙂