Obama or McCain? May twitter decide!

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I could not help myself (Not to) post this article, I want the readers of this blog to understand that this is not a political blog and it’s not in any way suggesting any candidates of this election.

So I got up this morning and was checking on tweets (As it’s my only easy news in the morning) and I decided to check the Twitter Search page as I think it is (Or will be) one of the most powerful search tools out there since it’s based on Twitter users own input.

But I didn’t do any searches as I found out the link to Twitter E08 or the Twitter election page right at the homepage of twitter search.

And I also found a temporary banner on top of every twitter page promoting the new Election 08 powered by twitter.

What the page does is very simple, here is what you will read when you land there: “We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts”

Back in April I wrote this article about how powerful twitter is to decide or even help deciding of votes between Obama Vs. Clinton, and guess what happened? Well we all know what happened.

YouTube, Facebook and other powerful sites all have their own election pages, I personally think that creating this page on twitter is a great idea, I won’t bother my readers on any more details, but I will say that it’s a great interactive page that dynamicly pulling every and anything said about the election from all twitter users to form the true public opinion, kind of like a vertical news ticker from twitter users about the election.

For example: A tweet about this post will go on my Twitter page, within minutes it will show on the election page because it contains the words: Obama, McCain, Clinton and election.

To see the election page go here: http://election.twitter.com/

Can Twitter decide who’s the next president? Obama has over 85,000 followers, McCain has less 1000 as of today. Does that mean anything? What do you think? Please share your thought on this by commenting on this article. 😉

Google kills Apple: G1 A new phone from Google

I was excited to have my text service on my t-mobile phone fixed (As I said on my twitter update), then I go Online checking out and browsing like normal, then I get even more excited.
I know and I understand what I said about the HTC diamond, but wait, this is Google, and this is T-mobile, so Guess what will happen on October 22nd (the sale date!)? You knew it, I will be on the line waiting early in the morning to buy the phone.
I have been looking at some videos of “Android” the new OS for mobile devices made by Google, and I am very happy that it will be on the new phone.
You can watch a great demo of the phone here: www.t-mobileg1.com
Apple need to really watch out this time, the G1 may not be as sleek and sexy as the iPhone, but its peppy,
easy-to-use touchscreen interface makes mincemeat of all the other
iPhone wanna-bes, and it packs in some killer features—like 360-degree
Street View—that the iPhone has yet to match.
As you may predict, the G1 is slightly bulkier and
heavier and—well, let’s just say it—a little uglier than the slim, sexy
iPhone. Weighing in at 5.6 ounces, I could definitely feel the G1’s
extra bulk in my hand, although at just 0.6 inches thick, the G1 should
fit relatively easily in a jeans pocket.

Here are the features from T-mobile’s site:

Touch screen

  • Instant access to key information with the touch of a finger
  • Just tap the screen and go
  • Real Web browsing capabilities

  • Quick and easy access to the Internet one click away
  • View more pages and rich Web content on your phone
  • 3MP camera

  • Capture key moments in high-quality fashion wherever you are
  • Never worry about blurry photos with auto focus built right in
  • Customizable home screen

  • Just
    drag and drop any of your favorite applications, photos, or folders
    onto your home screen for quick access to what you use all the time
  • One-click Google Search

  • Quick and easy access to the Internet in one click
  • Video playback

  • Watch your favorite videos, even YouTube, anywhere
  • 3G network and Wi-Fi access*

  • High-speed 3G network connection for surfing the Web or downloading information quickly and effortlessly
  • Seamlessly transition to open Wi-Fi networks to surf the Web or download information quickly

  • Android Market

  • One-touch access to Android Market
  • Customize
    and personalize your device to fit your life with a variety of software
    applications like games, social networking, and on-the-go shopping
  • Download the applications wirelessly with just a couple short clicks
  • QWERTY keyboard

  • The built-in familiar layout lets you type messages easily without scrolling for the letter you want
  • Hinged screen slides open to reveal keypad and closes to prevent accidental dialing
  • Easy access to Google applications

  • One-touch access to Google applications:
    • Maps (including satellite, traffic, and street views)
    • Gmail
    • YouTube
    • Calendar
    • Google Talk


  • All the ways you need to connect while you’re on the go
  • Google G1

    Music player

  • With the 1GB memory card, you’ll never be without your favorite tunes
  • While the G1’s main screen isn’t quite as eye-popping as the iPhone’s,
    the Android-powered display is surprisingly responsive—a quick flick
    of your fingertip opened a windowshade of applications, while tapping the
    status bar at the top of the screen instantly revealed e-mail, SMS, and
    voice-mail alerts. Indeed, tapping and scrolling around the G1’s
    various menus is a seamless pleasure, akin to what you’d expect from
    an iPhone. And while leading iPhone competitors like the Samsung Instinct always felt a bit sluggish to me, the G1’s peppy interface responded quickly to my every touch.

    course, you’ll get the most out of the G1 if you’re using Google’s
    suite of online applications, all of which sync automatically the
    moment you sign in. The push Gmail client features threaded messaging,
    just like you’d expect online, and you can star messages, organize them
    with filters, and even conduct Google searches within the e-mail client
    itself. You can also use the client to check your POP and IMAP
    accounts—no full-on Exchange syncing, but as I mentioned in an earlier
    post, third-party developers are free to create their own Exchange
    syncing apps for Android.

    G1’s dialer and contact list immediately grabs all your online Google
    calendar info and contacts—and for those with IM accounts, the G1 will
    indicate which of your contacts happen to be signed in for chat, an
    “online presence” feature familiar to anyone with a Helio phone. As
    with the iPhone, you can flick your contact list with a finger,
    spinning it roulette-style. WOOT!

    You know I will write more about it soon 😉

    All new Twitter, now available!

    I can not be more addicted to Twitter than this, so I will try to finish this post as soon as I can so I can tweet about it here.

    Twitter has always been a great an easy service to use, however, due to the extreme amount of users, it tends to be down or slow so many times though out last year.

    Last night I logged in to tweet as usual, and to my great surprise I found a new Twitter user interface, kind of like the new facebook UI.

    To keep it simple, I am in love with it, so much easier, faster, AJAX’ed! just nice clean and simple.

    To follow what I am doing right now on twitter go here.

    Here is an exact copy of the official twitter blog post about the new changes and Ihope you enjoy it as much as I do:

    Changes Afoot

    We’re getting ready to launch a refresh of parts of the Twitter.com interface. This release does not include any new features (well, one). It’s mostly cosmetic changes. This post describes what we’re doing and why.

    Moving the tabs

    The most significant change you’ll notice on the logged-in homepage (/home) is that we’ve moved the tabs that were on the top of the timeline to the right sidebar. We did this for a couple reasons. For one thing, it makes them larger targets and easier to access. But more importantly, it was an investment in the future. We plan to have more tabs, and we’d run out of room putting them along the top. This was the driving factor for this redesign, but you won’t see all the benefits until a future release (hopefully, very soon!).

    Ajax for speed
    When you click on the Home or @Replies tab when you’re already on that page, the updates are now refreshed via Ajax, instead of loading the whole page, which should be faster.

    Action icons: When you need them
    At first you may wonder where the star and reply swoosh beside every update went. Hover over an update to see them show up.

    Lighter, Prettier, Simplified
    Besides hiding the icons until you need them, we’ve done many things to try and make the look of the page less cluttered — like lightening the lines between posts and spacing things out more. Some things we’ve made smaller (like our logo), while other, more important things, we’ve made bigger (like the tabs and the Update button). Some things we’ve made the tough choice to get rid of all together (see below).

    We’ve also done some things for pure aesthetic reasons — like rounding some corners (which you won’t see on Internet Explorer but will in Firefox or Safari — or Chrome). In general, we think the site looks a lot better. Hopefully you will, as well.

    New design customizer
    For some people, this design probably does not look better. If you’ve customized your Twitter colors, it’s possible you have a combination that doesn’t look quite right with this new design. We did our best to maintain customizations in a pleasing way. But if, for example, you have a white sidebar or sidebar border color, it may not look quite right.

    But good news! One new feature we’ve added is a completely revamped design customizer, which you’ll find under Settings / Design.

    With this tool, you can choose from pre-designed themes, as well as play with your color scheme and background and see the results in real time.

    Removed Archive tab
    In the interest of simplification, we’ve removed the “Archive” tab from /home which showed you your own updates. The reason is, it showed you the same stuff you see on your own profile page, it was oddly named, and people rarely used it. It didn’t deserve the space it took. If you miss it, hopefully you’ll get used to going to your profile page (which you can get to by clicking on your picture or the Profile link up top).

    What we haven’t done
    This hardest thing about doing a redesign like this deciding what not to tackle. I’m fairly certain that much of the feedback to this will be, “What about…[your favorite feature request / annoyance].” Please be assured the changes we’ve made here aren’t the only things we want to (or will) change. They’re not even, necessarily, the most important. The scope of this project was limited to light-weight front-end work. We have whole other teams working on back-end changes and more fundamental functionality changes (which, as mentioned above, this is also laying the groundwork for).

    A new brilliant idea for Online shopping

    As some of you guys may know that one of my favorite “Geek merchandise” website is thinkgeek.com, and there is only 2 other places that I shop online, eBay and Amazon.
    That was until I wrote the article about ping.fm and I got a comment on it from a follower (now a friend) from twitter, so, as usual I went to check their site like from their twitter bio at: http://thebuyersnet.com and I found out a new way of shopping online.
    The idea is simple yet brilliant, look for items, join or create a club for it, other people like the same item, they add it to their wish list or join the club, everyone buys it at the end as a group, and that’s where the savings come by buying the item wholesale price.

    A great diagram explaining how it works is here.
    I am currently looking for a new laptop, so far (As a proud geek) I am falling in love with the new Sony Vaio FE series, most likely with a read/write BLU-Ray player. If anyone else interested, let’s create a club for it and share the savings on http://thebuyersnet.com.
    The site have categories including: Automobiles & Accessories, Computers & accessories, Electronics, Fitness, Furniture, Appliances, sports & more.

    I just wanted to share the discovery with you all 😉
    To follow http://thebuyersnet.com updates on twitter go here.

    $65,000 for this blog!

    The picture above is an actual $50,000 photo of cash I took out today from the bank.
    Why did I do that?
    I am just sick and tired of this one company (That they requested to remain anonymous) offers.
    Here is the story in a nutshell:
    4 Weeks ago, a New York based electronics company contacted me via the contact form asking me for my number!!
    I thought it was like any consultation request or any developing service of mine. I was wrong..
    Their “Sales manager” called me (Not even the companies manager nor the owner or CEO), simply to offer me $50,000 for this blog that you are reading right now.
    As you may know that I migrated 5 of my blogs into this one, one of them was about gadgets (Electronic gadgets of course) and he said that they wanted to buy this blog, delete all categories (except for the gadget category), have me write for them for the next year in a regular bases, then they will redirect the URL to their own blogs…. HUH?!
    First of all, this blog was appraised for more than that, then the fact that I would make this amount in less than a year, got me asking my self: Why stop the cash flow after a year?! And why would I work for someone else for an entire year?
    I simply said: Thank you for the offer but my answer is no.
    2 Weeks later the owner of the company called me (the day after my interview with John Chow) and raised the price to $60,000 and I don’t have to work for them (Except for a 2 weeks visit just to get them used to the blog “blog training” he said), I thought about it and said no again.
    4 Calls followed some of them were very rude (That’s not a good way to do business) 2 calls were the day after my (interview with Yaro Starak).
    They have contacted me again 2 days ago by email, the offer was $65,000, and left me with 2 choices:
    Ask them for no less than $100,000
    Ask them to stop the rude and annoying calls and leave me alone.
    I took my time to answer this time, I thought about my readership (You guys), I thought about the income that would stop coming in, and I thought about my future plans for this blog (Like the Online school I am working on launching soon), So I tweeted about it 2 days ago (If you follow my twitter you’ll know how annoyed I was). I guess they didn’t like that, I got a twitter reply by one of their employees asking to keep them anonymous.
    OK… it’s over now… no wait another phone call this morning from the secretary telling me they want to raise the offers price but I have to approve to them that I actually make this kind of money, So I took on the challenge to send a clear message and went to the bank, withdrew the cash and used my photo studio to take the picture!!!
    If all the above was not working, I thought maybe this blog post will, here it is loud and clear:
    I am not “under-selling” this blog, for all the reasons above.
    That’s the bottom line.
    Another reason I blogged about this is for the lessons I learned that I will share with you:
    Lesson 1: Don’t under estimate your power.
    Lesson 2: Negotiate, don’t send rude emails or bad calls, be smart and you might get what you want.
    Lesson 3: Don’t play games (Like having your secretary calling to raise the offer) just be straight forward.
    Lesson 4: Don’t forget your people, your friends, your readers. They are the reason that made this blog as big as it is today.

    ScribeFire 3.0 is out with QuickAds

    ScribeFire, the famous FireFox Add-on for bloggers (Click here for more info) just released the 3.0 version today.

    I think that I personally 100% switched from my former favorite free blogging tool “Windows live writer” to a full time blogging through ScribeFire.
    Here are the new features available with this version:

    Works with:

    • Firefox:
      2.0 – 3.1b1pre

    New Features

    * QuickAds integration

    Bug Fixes

    * Tabbing from the subject now gives focus to the editor
    * Added support for certain responses from LiveJournal
    *   is no longer converted to a blank space.
    * Fix for https:// blogs
    * Fixed validation of element

    QuickAds is a fully automatic Ad Network Optimization:

    ScribeFire QuickAds is the first service to enable
    publishers to serve fully optimized banners ads on their sites with
    point and click functionality. ScribeFire’s patent pending technology
    simplifies banner-space maintenance and optimization by requiring no
    code additions to websites.
    Your days of seeking out multiple
    banner ad partners are over. ScribeFire QuickAds brings reputable ad
    partners to your doorstep to maximize revenue in the quickest way
    Leverage Scribefire’s relationships with over 100 ad networks to ensure
    that you are receiving the maximum revenue from every impression you

    Ping.fm is now open beta to the public

    The fun and extremely useful service is now open to public beta.
    As some of you may know, I am a member of 67 social networking services, that means 67 online profiles that I have to maintain regularly, Do you you how hard it is do do so? You probably do.
    That was until I discovered the best tool of 2008 in my opinion, www.ping.fm and until September 2nd, it was an invite only beta service.
    Well now it’s open to the public, still in beta, but open to all.
    What is Ping.fm?
    Let’s say you have multiple online profiles, like me, you might want to update all of them almost everyday.
    Before Ping, I would manually go on my twitter, facebook, plurk, pownce, linkedin, tumbler, identica, brightkite, freindfeed, jaiku, plaxo, bebo, hi5, kwippy, xanga and rejaw to update my status, sometimes twice a day for each one.
    After I got my special beta invie code and signed up with Ping.fm, set it up, I can update all the above and more in one shot, whether I am updating from web, phone, email or IM, it’s all in one shot, life became way easier 🙂
    Now here is the best part: (Warning! geeks content follow)
    Ping was built with open API calls, meaning if you hire a nerd like myself (And you can!) to set it up with your blog or RSS feed, guess what? You know it. More organic exposure. I even setup some of my affiliate feeds to go there immediatly and I can’t tell you how much I love getting those extra commision checks in the mail.
    Ping.fm is more than just status update, you can even setup your wordpress blog so you can blog through Ping.
    I advice everyone to get an account (Now that it’s open to all) and enjoy everything Ping offers.

    Update: I have some Brightkite invites, comment on this article and I will email you an invite. (Hurry I only have 10 invites and I will send it to the first 10 commenters only).

    Google’s Chrome: A new era for web browsers

    Yesterday, Google released the beta of their new open-source web-browser Chrome. A Google blog post from the previous day contains an explanation of their design philosophy behind it, together with an introductory comic strip, which explains matters a lot more. I’d encourage people to check it out (well, the comic at least).
    Basically, it seems this browser is different from others in that
    rather than the browser session being the ‘main unit’, processes are split
    down by individual browser tabs. As far as I understand this means
    that, for example, a crash or slow script or page in one tab shouldn’t crash or
    hang your other ones. Which would be convenient! The flow of the tabs
    is also supposed to lead to improvements in security as they are
    restricted in what they can see and do (e.g. communication between
    tabs) more than in other browsers. I suppose we will have to wait and
    see what impact this has on the browser world. As it’s an open-source, I think something really good may be scooped up by future versions of
    Firefox and so on.
    I also read that Mozilla is not worried about the announcement and that CEO John Lilly said: They feel that they can make a better browser by starting from scratch–advances in browsers are good.

    UPDATE: Download Google Chrome here.

    Video interview w/ Yaro Starak

    Over 3 years ago I stumbled upon a great blog, it was entrepreneurs-journey.com run by Yaro Starak, in my opinion, he is a one smart entrepreneur/blogger with great content and wealth of blogging information, I decided immediately to follow his blog’s feed.
    It’s not a hidden fact that I basically started blogging seriously because of Yaro’s influence, every time I spoke in a seminar or did any phone or online consultation I normally mention his blog as a great source for businesses and bloggers information.
    Yaro started a blogging school called “Blog Mastermind” and this year Yaro is on a journy world wide promoting what he called “Conversion blogging” which I think was a very smart idea for blogging for profit.
    I couldn’t beleive that Yaro was in my home town of New York.. My own backyard! I immediatlly got in touch with him and we met in a local cafe there and that’s where the video interview took place.
    This interview is full of information (Just about the best 5 minutes of information in a video) I will share the tips in this video and more about Yaro’s work in another post soon, for now, pay attention and enjoy this video:

    If you can’t view this video, please view it online at www.guruofsales.com