Watch the Presidential News Conference Live here!

Well that’s just it, Thanks to and new age technology, you can watch live streaming TV from our blog!
Watch 1000’s of free videos on with just perfect quality 🙂

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Gmail Undo Send: Fix You mistakes!

Email is still king, that’s been proven by every marketer world wide until today. Millions of newsletters and email subscribers, Millions of people start their day with a cop of coffee and email reading.
Billions of emails sent every week, but… What if you made a mistake or forgot to mention something? This even might sound familiar to you, how many times did you hit the send button and thought in a second “ooops!”
Well, now with the new option from Gmail programmers (Thank God for Gmail) There is a new option that you can add that will let you (Undo Send)!
I know for sure that many of you will be racing to download this new option for the many mistakes that happened in the past (My self included) and it’s quite impressive what it does, within seconds after you hit send from your Gmail account, you can re-call that email message and it’s like it was never sent, so you can edit it and fix your mistake or add that extra line you meant to add before.

There is a catch though, this option is only available for 5 seconds after you hit send, I’ll speak for my self when I say that, this is all I need, as I get a red alert in my mind within the 5 seconds after I hit send is there was something missing in this message or if there was a mistake in there somewhere!

The option is free to add to your free Gmail account, and if you still don’t have a Gmail account yet, then what are you waiting for?! To sign up go to

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2 New Twitter Services: WeFollow & Tweet Top


Within the last 2 days I heard about 2 new services that is very useful so I thought I would share.

The first one is We Follow ( and it’s been called the new Twitter yellow pages.

The service is a tag based service and shows the top twitter user on each tag/category based on their followers number, so it’s a directory made by the people for the people.

We Follow was created by non other than Digg founder and power tweeter @kevinrose.

I (@GuruOfSales) made 2nd position under #sales and the 51st position under #blogger, not bad for the “Guru” of “sales” 🙂


You can add yourself to be in the directory by tweeting the following:



The second service I heard about it this morning when I got a @reply from @ShaneGibson ( something about the Canadian water makes Canadians really smart!) That he made second after me under the category “sales” in all of Twitter. Woot! to us 🙂 was created by @jordanwillms as the of Twitter. I’ve personally found and followed at least 20 new interesting people through TweetTop today.


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Cool Twitter Backgrounds By


I think that this is the first time I’m blogging on a Sunday in quite a long time, but I had this post drafted a while back and I did promise a friend to post it as soon as I have my Twitter background up and running so everyone can see it.

My Friend is Hugh Briss, and one of his companies is (Hugh also offer other cool designing services like the new service for YouTube backgrounds, blog skins and even logos).

I have first came to know Hugh through following some of my all time power twitter users, I noticed they had some brand new Twitter backgrounds, they all had one thing in common: A tiny logo somewhere on the design that says: Made By “”

So I headed over to and found out all of Hugh’s examples and clients, I think I browsed his samples for over an hour that day, they are very impressive.

Hugh had a very smart business approach, he offered a free background design for any power twitter user (back then the cap was 3000 followers) in exchange of adding a small note that it was made by TwitterImage.

A very clever marketing strategy, that made me apply for one, and I knew it would be a while to get it done since I applied right before Christmas time, and I was right. It took Hugh and his team about a month, and I am assuming it was because of the huge respond he probably got from his smart marketing strategy.

You can still get a free premium design if you have over 5000 users (That’s the cap at the time I’m writing this) or you can buy the same design for just $100 directly from his site.

To see examples, just go to or you can see the one he did for me here:

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Facebook’s CEO On Oprah!

By now, most of you know that I am a huge fan and mostly active (If not addicted!) on 2 major sites: Facebook & Twitter.

Lately, Twitter has gained some huge exposure on some big TV shows world wide, for example: The Daily Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show and tons of shows on YouTube.

Well, until I can get Ellen to follow me @GuruOfSales and listen to my ideas, I’ll just have to write about Oprah.

If you can recall, I wrote about Oprah using Skype, which was a very smart move by her show.

Today, on her show, she is interviewing non other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

But before Mark, Oprah Skyped Jimmy Fallon, and one of the questions that she asked him is: Who would you like to Skype after Robert De Niro and he answered: The queen of England! (Pretty Cool).

Now, back to Mark. The video introduction was great, and Mark was wearing a tie (For the first time ever I think!).

The interview basically explained the one true point in today’s web, sharing is everything, what made facebook what it is now, was the people, not Mark! However, Mark made the tool, made it easy to share idea’s, videos, photos, laughs or anything, a complete control over your facebook. Even president Obama, he used that power to gain massive votes hands down.

The good thing about this interview is that Oprah connects to millions that is not on facebook, whether because they are afraid or didn’t know how! So the message is clear, join, connect and share.

In today’s Online live, being transparent and sharing it is very important, remember you are not a machine, you’re human, just like me, we all do the same thing, so don’t be afraid, just get on and join. Don’t forget to friend me 🙂

Then Oprah introduced her show’s facebook page, which I think that’s every show, celiberty or company is finally catching up and joining the mass (Also on Twitter now!).

I’ve Just added (Became a fan) of the Oprah fan page and even wrote on the wall!

They even got Jimmy Fallon back through Skype and talked to him about his show’s facebook page.

And that is all, The interview with the youngest billionair was over.

Then there was a YouTube video interview.

The 3 most powerfull sites now (In my opinion) are: Faceboo, Twitter and YouTube. And today’s Oprah show was pretty much a promotion stunt as they used (& still) do for new movies and books!

I have to state the following about my opinion on MySpace:

If you have noticed, I have never done any articles about MySpace, that’s no accident! I have been in love with the Facebook system, clean and simple without all the filling and trash that is MySpace. Don’t get mad at me, but this is just like Microsoft’s IE Vs. FireFox, once you have used FireFox, you’ll never go back! And it’s been proven, do a quick comparison on or between both and you will see how Facebook dominated MySpace. Not bad for my predictions!

At, we had over 14 hours on how to use Facebook for business or personal (And I did point out that your personal profile should not be for business, instead, create a facebook page or group for your business, it’s better this way!). Signup today to get more info.

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Become our Guest Blogger: Make up to $500 per post


Remember about a year ago when we had an open call for bloggers?

I am taking a different approach this time than the last time we did this.

Anyone can apply and everyone will get paid.

The Details:

We are opening the doors one more time for guest bloggers, the rules has been changed since the last time we did this, this time it’s better for you, the blogger.

We came up with 2 different programs to make it easy.

Blogger Plus


Premium VIP Blogger

The first program (Blogger Plus) will have the opportunity to blog directly into GuruOfSales under any of the available categories.

The second program (Premium VIP Blogger) will have the opportunity to blog in our newest project (To be announced in April 09) directly, get paid more per post, instant update without edits or reviewing, receive a special VIP package delivered to your location that will include free goodies made just for you.

To qualify for our paid guest blogger programs, you must meet the following requirements:

For Blogger Plus:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older.

2. You must have access to a reliable computer and the Internet.

3. You must be fluent in English.

4. You must be able to write for English speaking audience. Non-English blogs will not be accepted.

5. You must be passionate about the topic you choose. Please no “diary/journal” blogs!

6. Prior Blogging and online publishing experience is VERY helpful!

7. Knowledge of common social networking sites (e.g. Twitter, facebook and YouTube) is a big plus.

For Premium VIP Blogger:

1. Meet all the requirements for Blogger Plus program.

2. Meet the numbers according to the table below.

What you will get as our new guest blogger:

For Blogger Plus you will get:

1. A new blog hosted on for free. Choose your name, category & topic!

2. Guaranteed $ cash per thousand unique visitors according to the table below.

3. The more traffic you get the more money you get paid!

4. As a guest blogger, you set your own hours and can work from anywhere you choose!

5. Access to the Forums for help, support, and interaction with other professional blog writers.

For Premium VIP Blogger:

1. Your own URL hosted on our newest project (Available in April 2009).

2. All of your blog posts from “Blogger Plus” will be imported into your new account.

3. Free advertising on us to your posts.

4. You will receive the VIP welcome package that will include some of the followings:

a. Your own business cards.

b. Some post cards to promote you.

c. A T-shirt.

d. A free subscription to a magazine of your choice (U.S. & Canada only)

e. Our trade shows application to represent us for free.

f. More cool stuff.

How it works?

The table below should explain:

Blogger Plus

Premium VIP Blogger

Get paid $10 every 1000 Unique visitor per 30 days:


No (You get more!)

Get Paid $50 every 1000 Unique visitor per 30 days:



Get paid $250 per post if you have over 5000 Unique visitors:



Maximum posting limit per week:

5 Posts


Add you own affiliate links to make extra cash on top of our pay:

1 link allowed every 5 posts

1 link in each post

Email readers:

Not Allowed

Email 1000’s through our newsletter

To qualify for Premium VIP Blogger there is one rule:

Get over 5000 readers per any of your articles in less than 30 days.

Your upgrade to Premium VIP Blogger is permanent, meaning, if you write one article and you get 5000+ readers within the first 30 days from your article’s publishing date, you will be upgraded to Premium VIP Blogger instantly and forever, even if you’re next articles get less readers per month.

For example:

a. You qualify and agree on our terms.

b. You start blogging with us in the Blogger Plus program.

c. We monitor every article your write separately.

d. You get 1200 unique readers to a single article within the first 30 days of publishing your article.

e. We pay you $10 per that article.

f. If your article gets 3200 readers within the first 30 days, we’ll pay you $30.


a. You qualify for Premium VIP Blogger upgrade.

b. We monitor every article you write.

c. You get 3200 unique readers per single article within 30 days of publishing it.

d. We pay you ($50 X 3)= $150.

e. If any of your articles gets 5000+ unique readers, we’ll pay you the regular per 1000 unique plus a bonus $250.

f. You get 5001 unique readers per article in less than 30 days, you will get ($50 X 5) + $250= $500.

g. You will keep getting paid after the first 30 days if your Premium VIP Blogger article gets more than 1000 unique readers within the next 30 days.

There will be a lot more benefits to come in the near future.

Apply today, it’s free to join!

How to apply?

Go to our contact form here, make sure to include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your valid email
  • In the subject, please type: Blogger Job
  • In the message box include: Your age, Your blog’s URL (If any), your past experience (It’s a plus!), and your social networking URL (Twitter, StumbleUpon, facebook, etc.) the more social profiles you have the better.
  • Also include in the message box: Where did you hear about this Job?

We will contact you within 7 days.

Still reading? What are you waiting for? Go apply now, it’s free!

Have pre-applying questions? Comment your question below.

Note: This job opening became available thank to the success we had at

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Green Earth! The Cause!

It is finaly here!
Green Earth! The Cause on Facebook along with the group to support it.
For years I have been encouraging everyone I know to go green. I personally believe that by going green, you will do much more than saving Earth, in fact I think that a lot of other “Man-made” problems will be solved if we all do something about it.
The talking will be less and the doing will be more now.
To join the cause on Facebook go here:
To join the group on facebook go here:
To join the cause on MySpace go here:
Watch this video and rate it on YouTube:

The cause just started, the main goal is to share tips on going green and actually do it.
More updates will be coming on it, and I welcome any ides on the cause’s page or by commenting here.


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How did I sell my site for $30,000 in 3 months! Part 2 of 2

Exactly one month ago I have announced the sale of my young site/program

Today, I will tell you how I did it!

This article includes lots of important information, grab a cup of coffee before you continue reading!

To read the first part, go here.


1. How I came up with the business idea:

Throughout the years of being an entrepreneur online, I found out that I was not the only person on the planet that’s hungry for information, in fact, I have found out that even after school, people are still in need of knowledge, some will pursue a collage education, a night school, or just some private lessons.

And since I have started blogging in 2004, or speaking in seminars in 2006, I have been asked many questions related to my business, it didn’t matter if it was about online business, marketing, new technology or even Twitter!

Everyone had a question, but the main question was: Why did you choose this line of business?
Here is my answer: When I asked a friend of mine why did he choose to open a restaurant? he answered a very simple answer: People will never stop eating! Which is true. So all I did was to translate that answer into my business: What is the main thing that any business in the world needs? The answer was: Marketing, advertising, exposure, and most importantly, to make money!

From there I have started my journey, and until today, I still answer hungry business minds, whether by blogging, on forums or even by phone!

Then it all came to me, why not put everything I know in a form that everyone can share. And knowing me, I knew that there is no better place to share with the world than on the Internet. And that’s where my business idea came from.

2. The business plan:

This one was easy, as I have been doing for a while now.
I have to say, that throughout the years, many potential business partners came to me asking for ideas, which I had a lot of, but the best idea was to do it like the big players.
Let me explain with an example:
An old friend, with an established business and a fair amount of knowledge came to me and asked me out on a “business date in the park” over 3 years ago.
The weather was nice and the economy was at it’s best!
The business idea was an education site (kinda like but for a specific kind of business type to teach the people about.
My first suggestion was blogging (Remember that was back when blogging was not hip), then I suggested videos online (YouTube was still a baby back then) and to include forums.
Then the next question came: How will this make me money? I said it won’t, but the advertising on your blog will make you money, and I explained: The same way Google and Yahoo makes billions, offer free services or contents and just add the little thing we call AdSense on it!
I will not tell you how scared my friend’s face looked when I said that. This is what I heard next: I will lose my business brand!
OK, first of all, what brand? The business is not even established yet.
Second of all, Google and Yahoo still holding their brands (Until today and for years to come), yet again they don’t charge you to search!
So my friend agreed on offering free content (for a while) I even helped building the wordpress blog, but then the shock came to me when that first blog was ignored and the new blog/school was a membership with a monthly fee service (still with advertising for affiliate commission supported), that’s when I withdrew my services, but before I did, I said what I have always believed in: Remember, sharing is giving. Within a year that business went down the hill, even with more than half of it’s member that have free access, still it went down. I wonder why?!
So, my business plan was this:
Create the content in a sharable format, make it available for free, and use the empty space on the site for the advertisement.

3. The request!

So many options are out there to monetize any site or blog, however, I followed what John Chow ( once said: Ask, and you shall receive.
So I asked!
And not that I have anything against membership sites (You know I am a huge fan of Yaro’s Blog Mastermind), but I truly believe that seeking your sources is a better way to accomplish your income, and that the say (If you build it they will come) is just trash talk.
Here is what I did:
I built 2 lists of potential advertisers/sponsors.
The first one was for the big corporate.
The second was for small to mid-sized companies
Both lists shared one thing, that the sponsor’s product must be related to the content that I have created.
So I grabbed the phone and looked for emails, and within 2 days I landed 2 great deals with 2 huge sponsors, Sony and T-Mobile.
All I had to do after that is to work out the deal with them.
4. Exposing it all to the public:
That was the easy part, after all, it’s what I do almost on a daily basis.
There is 2 parts at this stage:
a.       Do a beta product launch to get the mass to sign up, in other words, when there is a deadline and limited seats available, people in general don’t like to be left out, and so was the signing up for, especially if it’s for free!
b.      Do what I call: my in-house explosion marketing technique. (For the purpose of this article’s length, I will write an entire series of articles to explain this stage of the business, sign up to keep up to date).
5. Giving it 100%:
Until today, I think that by giving my members every effort I can, to answer questions or to be available and reachable, is the reason I got the offer to buy the entire business.
It’s very simple (with the help of one of my marketing techniques that I promise that I will tell you all about it soon) I have accomplished the idea behind the saying (Sharing is giving) and (Give and you will get back). I had no attention of building this to sell it, and I only asked for sponsors so I can make a descent income (After all it is a job and I had to get paid somehow!) and so when the offer came in, well, you know the rest of that story.
6. The numbers!
And this is not to brag or to show off, this is only for people that I know they will ask if I didn’t disclose it.
Altogether from beginning to end, the total that I have made of this project was $102,000! Not bad for the worst economy crisis and for about 3 months of hard work!
This is not the end. This is the beginning if a lot of good stuff to come.
Stay tuned for the upcoming series of articles of a powerful marketing plan that no one else will tell you about, and for news and upgrades that will happen only because of the sale of

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A review of the wpToGo app for the G1 phone!

This is just a quick post to review a great application (in my opinion) to blog from.

The phone is none other than the true iPhone killer, the T-Mobile G1 powered by Google’s Android (do you recall when I mentioned that we may get a free Google OS by 2010? Well, it’s getting closer!).

This app has all the basic options that any WordPress blogger may need, whether you host your own wordpress or you have a however, it,s only the basic options you will get, for example, you can add tags, categories, links from within your post, bold or italic for formatting and also included is to upload pictures.
It does need a lot more options, for example, a spll chck! Or at least more formatting options. But for now, it’s a great tool to have on hand.

Ofcourse I have just used it to write this post, now I’ve got some emails to take care of.

P.S. for iPhone owners, you can get the app made by wordpress from

New Facebook Home Page

You have probable seen it already, it’s done and will be published within a couple of days, in case you have missed it, it’s a new Facebook Home page.

The purpose of the new update is simple, to make it easier to connect with friends and family, like Friend Feed’s live stream will be on the new homepage, this is great as you won’t have to refresh the homepage to get new friends updates. (cool!)

Also with the publisher on the home page, you won’t need to go to your profile’s page to share anything, so basically you can write on your wall, share photos and videos etc. from your homepage.

Requests are now minimized on the top, a one liner links to your requests page. (neat!)

Last but not least, your highlights (Birthdays and events) looks more clear and organized than before.

Check out the new look here.

It looks like it won’t take long for users to get used to the new Facebook homepage, unlike the major changes that happened last year that I am still getting questions about whether offline from my friends or online on the free help forum for Facebook that I am running here. (Go ahead and ask your questions there).

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