Dear eBay: I Told You So… A Series of eBay fuckups “exposed”

At one point or another, every company fuckup somehow. The bigger the company is the worse the fuckups are. But the amount of eBay fuckups is so beyond the average of any other aged giant. And they not only impact their users in a harmful way directly and indirectly, those screw ups effect their employees and shareholders as well.

Now don’t get me wrong, eBay was there for me when I started from nothing, I still feel that eBay will rise again someday, and I believe that it is still a great marketplace for everyone alike. So, in no way shape or form this series of articles is to trash eBay, however, throughout the years I’ve seen many things happening first hand with eBay and within eBay, bad decisions, bad practices and a ton of human bad apples. It’s at the point that someone needs to speak up about all of it and hopefully it will be heard by the right people.

Links to all articles related to this series will be added here as the articles are published.

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