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Fight Poverty: It’s Blog Action Day today!

It is today, it is now, it is blog action day.
Once again thousands of bloggers unite to deliver an important message.
This year (Today) it’s about one subject:


The numbers above are rising fast, meaning that this is working.
My message is very simple: We can end poverty. Not tomorrow, not next year, but right now.

I need comments on this post!

I know that you can share something good, and I did and still doing my part by being active socially, Online and offline.
One group that I promote (And proudly THE TOP recruiter on the hall of fame on it) is the facebook cause called: “MicroPlace” which is a brilliant idea by non other than eBay founder (and his network) Pierre Omidyar. (Note: in order to be able to view the cause page on facebook you must have a facebook account and be signed in or try here).

The idea of MicroPlace (Which also can be reached at www.Microplace.com) is very simple: People helping people. That’s it in a nutshell.

People generally like to invest money. Why not micro invest their money to help families around the world to start a small business? This way they helped them out of poverty, provided an honest work environment, shared the love, and also shared the profit. But then again it’s not always about profit, it’s about how good you will feel after helping someone. If you watch Oprah, you will understand her point of helping people without expecting anything in return but the joy knowing what she did was a great thing.

My point of showing you the facebook cause/group is to show you that I have been doing it for a long time now, almost on a daily basis, and I beleive that if everyone who is reading this right now start by just spreading the word about MicroPlace (everyday, not just today!), I beleive that we can put an end to poverty very soon.

I still need comments..

Another way you can help is by telling me your idea or share your thoughts by commenting on this post, this is why I need you to spend just a minute and tell me what you think or how can we all come together to help with the issue. And I can’t wait to hear your voices 🙂

Another thing that I will do, is to buy 25 dinner boxes and tweet about my location where I will be giving it out in New York city tonight, feel free to come and help out, I will be posting tweets on my Twitter page here of what’s happening.

This must really continue, I blogged about it before here and here, and I will continue to do my best by sharing on all my networking activities online or off. (Feel free to join me on any of the networks found on the top right corner of this page), make sure to comment, do any of the 3 actions I shared above (Join a cause and sread the word, write about it or tell a friend and go out and give something no matter how small you thin kit is). And I will see you soon 🙂

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