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Skype 4.0 is out!

I am a huge fan of Skype and have been for a very long time, since Skype version 2.0 to be exact πŸ™‚

Oprah uses Skype almost every other week since she started using it on her show last year.

Skype 4.0 for windows is out, with a lot of enhancements:
First, you will notice the “Windows Vista” skin to give you the look and feel of a light application.
The software is lighter, they have even removed the Skype Extra manager from running in the background like it used to before.

The new look is 100% redesigned to get you everything you need in one screen, whether standard or compact, you still get an entire view of options in one shot, very cool.

Voice and video enhanced to crystal clear and video calls are still in the same window of the person you’re calling.

Juggling between people and conversation is never easier, they kind of copied the multi-chat window idea from digsby!

One thing Skype is still missing, is the automatic update, I got a notification from my iSkoot app on my phone, but never got it on my computer, so unless you are reading the Skype blog or have iSkoot installed on your Android phone, how should people know that there is a new and improved Skype?

Also as a sneaky addition, eBay (The owner of Skype) is pushing a new FireFox plugin during the installation of the new Skype, the new plugin will dedict items on shopping websites that are available on eBay and will highlight it and compare the pricing on eBay. It’s useful for shoppers that really don’t know how to shop! For me, I uninstalled it soon after I tried it.

The new version will take some get used to time for native Skypees, but it’s worth it, I have been playing with it for 2 days now and I am loving it πŸ™‚
You can download the new Skype here.

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Video interview w/ eBay President & CEO John Donahoe

First of all, I would like to apologize about the big mistake I did while taking this video, and to clarify why, is simply because I snatched this interview as soon as I got the chance, however, my camera was on very low battery and it was set in the previous recording on the zoomed in position, if I have realized that and tried to zoom out before taking the video, I would loose the power and the entire interview in general.
I know it might seem funny, but everyone make mistakes!

In the interview, John Donahoe, eBay’s current president (Who also used to be the eBay marketplaces president for a long time), speaks positively with confident about eBay, urging new users to sign up, buy and sell, even create social networks around it.
I first met John last year at eBay’s DevCon in Boston, briefly spoke to him about his visions and found out that he is not only a brilliant & open minded person, but I thought that he is the man for the job, taking eBay to the next level (In my opinion, this should have been done a long time ago!) and I agree with every move he made since taking over his position 100% (And yes I don’t think that eBay should be just a big garage sale, there is a lot more into it than just that).
John, me and Pierre Omidyar (eBay founder) share the same vision that drove a lot of current sellers away or mad or whatever you have seen in the news latley, but I think that consentrating on eBay’s core business, opening more doors to developers (API’s), and cleaning up the site in general of some of the old rules that brought the company somehow down, is the only way for eBay to become what it’s meant to be since the begining, an online marketplace!
Yes I understand that I might get a lot of comments against my opinion, but I truly believe that if you reialze how much more money you can make though eBay without even selling anything, you will be amaized of what you didn’t know before. All I can ask you is to open your eyes, think outside the box, research on how to become a real player in this game (Not just a big seller) and I guarentee you great profit and bigger bussines than you can even imagin.
Before I leave you with the video, I wanted you all to know that I am including at least 2 months total of eBay training, not only on how to sell, but also a complete work around to make profit in other ways but selling, including the affiliate program, API calls, integration into other applications and similler stuff. (Don’t start going crazy now, I promise that it will be so easy for any one to do it with the least experiance) and will be all for free on the upcoming Online School that I announced here.

Enjoy the video:

Marsha Collier video interview about eBay business!

As I continue sharing all the interviews that I did throughout the summer, today I am sharing an interview with an author of many books and DVD’s Marsha Collier.
A list of all the books and DVD’s that Marsha wrote or co-wrote is in the widget below:

Marsha is also the co-host of WSRadio’s show: Computer and technology and the creator of the site: www.CooleBayTools.com
Enjoy the video:

I will speak more about Marsha’s impressive work and teachings on the upcoming Online School, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

Want to teach eBay and make money?

This a quick post with a video (Below) to explain to some of you one of the things I do, which is being an eBay Education Specialist:

The way it started with me was when eBay had something called the eBay University (Discontinued!) and I went there to learn how to expand my eBay business (Second largest ebook seller on eBay), long story short, I decided that I already covered every aspect of eBay, even more than what they tought at their classes. Then a couple of friends asked me to teach them how to start a business on eBay and the education specialist program started at the same time so I decided to join.

Brenda (an eBay Education Specialist) will explain what the program is all about in the video below, you can also click here for an example course that I personally teach or you can see me as the futured speaker for a very special (secret) day which normaly falls a day before eBay live.

Here is the video with Brenda:

And here is the video where I was the speaker at the event:

To learn more about the program or to become an instructor click here.
To find out if there is an instructor in your local area then click here.

Video interview with HammerTap.com

Well since I am in sharing mood, and to continue what I started yesterday, I wanted to share with you the big amount of videos and photos that I have been saving for quite a while now.
Some of the videos (Started to collect dust πŸ™‚ ) was taken back at eBay live, that includes almost every person that works for eBay or for a third party company, all the way to eBay current president John Donahoe (Coming here soon) and PayPal’s current president Scott Thomson as well (Take a look here at our YouTube previous videos) and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you won’t miss any upcoming videos.
Today, I am sharing this video interview with Jen Cano, VP of Education for HammerTap, LLC.
Jen is HammerTap’s spokeswoman and is an eBay Certified Consultant as well, I personally met Jen at the PayPal developers scavenger hunt party she was a great help for our team (We won first place out of 28 teams) and she agreed on doing this interview.
Jen is also very well known on the eBay radio at wsradio.com for her weekly report and tips.

For more details about the market research service that they provide, go to: HammerTap.com
Here is the interview:

More videos to come soon πŸ˜‰

Speaking of sales: A house sold for only $1.75

Speaking of teaching every one about sales as part of the new Online school that I announced last night, I would like to share a great sales story with you.
A house sold on eBay for just $1.75!
On Yahoo’s homepage this morning (Photos here) I read that a house in Saginaw Mich. was sold on eBay for this redicoulously cheap price. They said it was abandoned, I say I don’t care, the land only should be worth a lot more.
Joanne Smith was the top bidder and she was bidding on 8 others, when she won this one.
She said she is going to try to sell it. Try! I think she should put it on the market immediately, especially with this huge marketing stunt by Yahoo and the Associated Press.
Yes you can sell houses on eBay as a matter of fact there is a huge Real Estate section on eBay, and a couple of years ago, eBay acquired www.Rent.com for a complete Real Estate portal including rentals.

eBay buying and selling will have a big portion on the Online school that I announced last night,and yes it will still be free for you (the students) so you all know the ins and outs of buying and selling houses, say for $1.75 each πŸ˜‰

Another huge Real Estate market online is (You knew it) Craig’s List. That’s also included in the completely free but still huge package πŸ˜‰

My take on the Yahoo homepage featured story is that it might be a marketing stunt by eBay taking advantage of the low economy that we have right now, My opinion: It’s a great marketing stunt and perfect timing for it.

I say congratulations to Joanne and hope she makes good profit from this deal πŸ™‚

Now, I am in a sharing mood, so I will include this out of subject video that I watched this morning as soon as I got up. Vanessa Mae is one of my favorite on my last.fm channel as well.


Vanessa Mae – Storm (View in browser to see full video)

First official Guru Of Sales Online school announcement

Yes you read the title correctly, I am proud to finally announce the long awaited GuruOfSales Online school.
This announcement comes after I finally received a letter today that all my teaching materials where copyrighted and protected.
I have been hinting about this for quite a while now to friends and colleagues, and already have a huge list of people ready to start a new era of learning and working online.

The Great News Is:

It’s 100% FREE for you the student.

No catch, no gimmicks, no money involved at all, you have my word for that.

The official start date is 11/1/2008 and it will be 6 months long 2 or 3 times a week.

Here is what you will learn: uh… wait.. I am a marketing and sales guru, I think I will reveal details within the next 30 days to create the buzz needed for this school.
All I can tell you right now that it will be rich in videos, podcasts, reading materials and of course it will have a it’s own URL (Will be revealed soon) and I promise great entertaining content a’La Guru style πŸ˜‰

Oh, one more thing, if you’re not already subscribed, then go ahead and subscribe here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/guruofsales this is the only way you can keep up to date of everything about the school.
You can also follow me on twitter here: http://twitter.com/guruofsales but I won’t reveal as much info as I will on this blog.
Ciao for now πŸ™‚

RocketPlace Announces September 2008 Speakers

RocketPlace, the premier conference for new eBay sellers and
PowerSellers, is proud to announce their speakers for their September
10-12, 2008 event at The Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The
full schedule of sessions can be found at www.rocketplace.com/agenda.
Confirmed speakers include:
* Todd Lutwak, Senior Director of Seller Development at eBay, who will
be giving the Advanced track keynote as well as a session for the
Beginner track.

* Marsha Collier, best-selling author of eBay
For Dummies and many other For Dummies books, will be giving the
Beginner track Keynote.

* Jane Judd, Senior Manager of the
Customer Service Loyalty Team at Zappos.com will deliver the closing
keynote for the Advanced Track.

* Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Ten
Golden Rules, is a seasoned marketing professional with over twenty
years of business experience. He has managed marketing departments for
Fortune 500 brands: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, and has developed
traditional and direct marketing programs for AT&T, Sprint and
eDiets.com. Jay was the highest-rated speaker at our Spring 2008
RocketPlace conference, and we welcome him back!

* John Lawson
of 3rd Power Outlet, David Yaskulka from Blueberry Consulting, Tim Woda
from buySAFE, Cindy Litchfield from Cloud Dome, Bodin Suttles from
Endicia, Amy Kendall from HammerTap, Jason Guzman from JunctionQuest,
Michael Lambert from Merchant Advantage, Brian Gibbs from Refund
Retriever, Edward Sayers of RPM Business Group, Phyllis Wischer of
SageFire, Adam Morris from Sell Center, Michael Levit from Vendio, Lisa
Suttora from WhatDoISell.com, and a variety of the experts at As Was
including CEO Debbie Levitt.

RocketPlace has one track for
beginners looking for the road map for eBay business success. A second
track is for PowerSellers looking for tips on how to grow with all of
eBay’s recent changes as well as how to use the latest techniques,
strategies, and tools to improve their eBay businesses. More
information is available on www.rocketplace.com

Do not put all your eggs on eBay!

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A wise man once told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, ever since I listened to his words and used it in almost every day of my life, even in my business strategy.

I said it before and I will say it again, a true entrepreneur will try to multi-stream their income as much as they can, let’s use me as an example:

My income is divided in so many ways, that I technically have 17 jobs! Between blogging, in house ad revenue, out of house ad revenue, affiliate commissions, Elance and Craigslist jobs, other writing jobs, teaching and selling on eBay, SEO consulting and more in the same line of business, I have guaranteed my self a steady income that won’t be effected by any failure in any of the jobs I have.

Today, I read a new book by my good friend Steve Lindhorst (Former eBay University instructor) and first thing came to my mind was the wise man’s words above.

The book is targeted for online sellers and retailers to explain how to multiply your income in no time. If you are currently an eBay seller, you will understand what I mean. And if you are an eBay seller that does not sell any where else then shame on you.

The book will not only take you through multi channel selling on eBay as well as on Amazon.com and according to the New York Times, Amazon beat eBay in traffic for the holidays at the end of 2007, you know what that means? I do. It means a lot more sales, specially with all the current and upcoming changes with eBay, I think it’s way much safer to add another selling channel to your online business.

Not only that, but the book (Selling on the River) will explain in great details how to sell on Amazon, and yes, it’s free to list on Amazon, the book will even show you the differences, and the pros and cons of selling on both eBay and Amazon.

It also came with great 2 bonuses:

1. “25 Things eBay Sellers Must Know about Selling on Amazon”

2. “How to Scout for Top Sellers with Your Cell Phone”

I personally liked the first bonus a lot, and I recommend the book to any eBay seller or any one that would like to start selling online the right way.

Download your copy here