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About us?! There are no us. Only me working here. Unless you want to count my computers as another person. That’s right; my toys as I call them act like my personal assistants, so I count them as my best friends.

OK, maybe not, but they mean way much more to me than just machines, read on to my early years. Anyway, I decided to do this about me page as a 2 section page:

1- Facts: Through out the time readers ask me some questions about me so I made some short facts section.

2- A time line: Of who I was and who will I become; you can also call it my bio section of this page. And here it is:

Facts !

* I own 169 domain names, over 100 of them are active working websites offering a range of services.

* I have 6 computers, 4 of them are desktops and 2 laptops.

* I use my Sony Vaio laptop to blog and some times I use my Dell desktop for blogging as well.

* Passed 17 computer related certificate exams ranging from Microsoft, Comp Tia and Cisco Systems.

* I went to culinary school but never finished.

* I am an Education Specialist trained by eBay and teaching 3 different eBay curriculum. (Check my eBay/PayPal page)

* I am certified PayPal developer offering my service to world wide companies (Check my eBay/PayPal page)

* I am information hungry, always ready to find fresh news, However my politics interest is: Zero

* More to come soon.

About Me !

1978 I was born. That’s all I did back then.

1987 Started to show interest in technology.

Thanks to my father who is a long time communication engineer in a major oil company in Kuwait (Where I was born and raised till the age of 12), with all of his cool tools (toys in my young eyes) I started to show interest in electronics, touch tone phones to be specific, and I always wondered how it worked, so I started my first ever research mission. It took me about a week to find out about encyclopedias (Later on to be one of my passions) and finally found a science encyclopedia that explained how phones worked in general.

However, I was still anxious to know more than what the kids version of the encyclopedia offered, so, I made my first evil plan!

I waited until I was alone with one of the first and basic touch tone phone that was at my house, equipped with only a Philip screwdriver I unlocked the mystery beneath the plastic cover, remember I was only 9 years old.

Being mesmerized of all the tiny wires and electronic chips, out of nowhere, my father walks in (That moment changed my life) I was horrified, to my surprise, no punishment, instead he smiled and told me if I can put the miserable looking phone back together to it’s working condition, there will be a great surprise for me. Well, I did put it back and he tested it and it worked, my surprise was my first computer ever, a MSX Yamaha AX-150 home computer (HUGE). Of course I had to do some extra work before getting any of the games (Atari like cartridges) so I decided to learn only the programs that was preinstalled in it (Word processor, paint, and MSX basic programming language) so I borrowed my first ever programming book for MSX basic and that was the true beginning of my computer life.

1988 I took my first programming class.

Music (Playing keyboard) and science being my first childhood passion, I discovered that I can make programs using MSX to make very basic music out of my computer, I spent way too long time doing so, and along the way I learned a lot of the MSX programming language. My father noticed, so he enrolled me in my first official computer school (A night time program for kids that was sponsored by his company) and my first language was LOGO (An elementary exercise involves drawing geometric shapes). With my MSX BASIC knowledge (more advanced than LOGO) I passed with the highest grades than any other kid that took the same class. My treat from my father was a storage device for my MSX home computer (They didn’t have internal memory) and it was a basic cassette player with a cable to connect to the machine (Ancient, I know) so I started making programs of music and more then save it on tapes.

1990 My first Intel based PC.

I got my first PC as junk from a friend that gave up on fixing it. Back then I had a lot of friends that shared the same interest. A teacher of mine advised a friend of mine to give me his non fixable PC instead of trashing it. So I got my first ever 286/16 PC and I found out with my little experience that it only needs a new storage device (Hard drive) so I started using it first with its 8 inches floppy drive (I miss those, can’t find them anywhere now) then with my long time saved money I bought a brand new 210 MB hard drive. So to give you an idea of what I worked with here is the specifications of my machine:

210 MB HDD (I used to really show off with that since it was a huge storage back then), 286/16 a 16 MHz processor, 1 MB of RAM (not GB), 8 inch FDD, and DOS as my OS.

1993 I was introduced to the Internet.

Now with my machine is always up to date (Finally a 486/34 speed), I was standing In the train (Thank God I stood for the old lady, otherwise I would never noticed) I was facing a gentleman reading a magazine (An overseas version of PC Magazine) and I noticed the illustration of the advertising on the back cover, I looked closer and there it was, computers connected to each other through phone lines (WHAT?!), I thought this is amazing, If I can connect to my friends and be able to type (Chat) with them from my computer then send and receive our latest programming to each other without having to leave our houses then this is way too cool (Geek, I know, and I am proud of it).

Before leaving the train I bought that magazine from that person on the spot and spent the next day reading everything in it and I was convinced to invest some money in an addition to my PC, the MODEM.

1994 I became to be online most of my time.

Although I was anti AOL (Never liked their software or speed), I managed to get online with another provider and the very famous (Back then) Internet browser Netscape. Then my struggle on finding sites ended in 1995 with Yahoo search directory and I believe that I was one of the first Yahoo account holders when I signed up for the revolutionary (Online based email) Yahoo mail in 1996. And my interest in building websites (My new programming skills) became huge. So I home schooled myself different subjects (All about computer hardware and software) and took some certificate tests throughout the years until 2002 (Comp Tia, Microsoft, and Cisco certificates) but let’s go back to 1997 when I first learned about Internet marketing.

1997 My first introduction to Internet marketing.

Nowadays called online marketing, I noticed how Hotmail (Acquired by Microsoft at the end of 1997 for $400 Millions) started (What was new to me back then) a new kind of marketing, (Viral marketing) by advertising itself at the bottom of each outgoing email. Knowing the facts and numbers ($400 Millions is still a huge number. Imagine back in 1997) and the massive 8.5 million users (Now over 250 hotmail accounts) then Yahoo mail doing the same, plus the advertising banners on each new mail page (Advertising allowed the free service for us, the users) I realized that marketing is going to have a huge impact in our lives, sure enough, it did. So I started my first marketing research and specifically online marketing.

I also went to college in 1997 to learn about international transport and logistics (More advanced than regular business school) and don’t ask me why I didn’t choose a computer science school instead (I was already certified and planning on getting more certificates, so I wanted to learn something new) and it was connecting with everything that I ever learned.

1998 Became a professional marketing expert.

Equipped with my web programming and designing skills, and my massive online marketing knowledge (Read so many books about marketing in general) I had my first marketing client (OK, he was just a friend and I started his company’s website), He asked me to do some online marketing for his company since I was his webmaster. It was my first actual practice for online marketing (My first SEO experience) I listed him on Yahoo’s directory (Used to be free to do so) and implied some advertising techniques I learned throughout the years. Sure enough his sales went up, and I was very pleased with the results, and I started my never ending research about online marketing and I am still learning about new techniques.

1999 Coming to America.

Although it’s one of my favorite classics, but I am not talking about the movie, I actually arrived to the states in July of 1999 and my first night out as a tourist was to NYC’s Time Square, and I was mesmerized by the ton of advertising all over the city, and until today I still get inspired a lot from New York’s advertising ideas.

2002 Introduction to eBay.

I knew about eBay since 1997 when I stumbled upon it when I wanted to find some computer hardware so I can upgrade one of my computers, due to international boundaries (I was in Egypt back then) like different mail and banking systems I was unable to complete my trade. However I kept a very close eye on it and researched it so many times, I even remember when eBay’s login system was in fact the same for hotmail (Microsoft Passport) and I was amazed with the phenomenal growth of eBay and the trades on it based on all the numbers and stories that I have been reading, then the fact that eBay acquired PayPal (I have been using PayPal before for my online trading).

A story: My very good friend wanted to sell his RV (Camper) and he asked me to print some flyers for him so he can put it out along with the local classified ad for his RV. I recommended eBay; he said “why not, would you do it for me? I’ll pay you a good commission if it sells”. His asking price was $5000 and he have advertised it for months before he asked me to even print the flyers as a matter of fact; he had the idea of selling it for 2 years since 2000. Here is what happened: I listed it in late 2002 for 10 days and the winning bid was $6300, winner came and took a test drive around the block (Found out he was a car dealer), he found everything as I described in the listing, he paid my friend $6300 in cash, took the title of the RV and the keys and left, my friend gave me $300 and said “thank you, that’s your commission”.

Reason I told you that story is that it was the fastest and easiest $300 I ever made (Actual work was 30 minutes) and the fact that my friend made an extra $1000 of his original asking price, that’s when I decided to take eBay to the next level.

2004 Becoming an eBay education specialist.

I never stopped learning about online marketing and I never stopped learning about eBay, and I have been telling and teaching people about it ever since my first (And biggest to date) sale on eBay then I decided to do it professionally and became an education specialist trained by eBay, teaching the same materials that’s being taught at the eBay University, I was also a qualified trading assistant and very active in the eBay community and I also became friends with a lot of the big names at eBay Inc., then later on in 2007 I became a PayPal certified developer.

2004 Starting blogging.

Also in the same year I started writing online using blogs, of course I was already involved in a lot of discussion forums but I have been hearing a lot about blogging and web 2.0 (Term was first coined by O’Reilly Media) and I started to share my knowledge of marketing. Aside from making revenue with advertising online through my writing, I found great pleasure in sharing my knowledge and teaching others. I also started to give back to the community in many different ways.

2007 Guru Of Sales.

Although I have a lot of domain names and have a lot of active websites, but I found the term very suitable for my knowledge and skills that I have now developed and mastered in many ways (Mostly online marketing and trading) I decided in 2005 to have my own hosted blog.

After finally finishing all my projects and getting the time to write full time, at the end of 2007 my mind was set to writing at my blog and other places (A book is on the way). However here is what you (my readers and friends) might learn about from my blog:

2008 Is all about www.GuruOfSales.com

In my blog I will share all of my experience being an entrepreneur, online marketer and seller. I will share everything that I know about the web, web 2.0, marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social marketing (Social networking and bookmarking) along with my experience from trade shows and new cool products (My love for new gadgets) and any new computer hardware, also I will try to get you any related news before it become news (Thank God for all of my connections), there may be some living healthy advice or even some geek advice from my cool friends. In a nutshell you will get my 20 years computer experience and my 11 years marketing experience, comments are very welcome and I answer to all of my emails, so email me using the contact me page.

You will never know where I am going or doing next and what I could bring to you, so keep an eye on this blog and I will update this page as often as it requires.

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