Important Notice: As of July 28th 2008, We have launched the new GuruOfSales design (2.0) and we are working on the new structure for our advertising services. Please stay tuned as we will finish the new structure and add the necessary changes to this page shortly. At the moment, we apologize for not accepting any more advertisers.

Thank You:

First, I personally would like to thank you for your interest in advertising on our blog, I appreciate your business and understand the need to grow in any business.

Why Here?

We @ Guru Of Sales cover a few categories and sub-categories subjects that have a huge amount of targeted readers world wide.

Some of our main categories are:

  • Entrepreneur / Entrepreneurship
  • Making Money Online
  • Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Networking / Social Marketing
  • Media Marketing
  • Environment / Green Earth
  • Gadgets / Electronics
  • Online News
  • More…

Our traffic stats are always available to the public to show how many current loyal and potential growth of our readership. We know that we are not the number 1 blog out there, but we are working hard on becoming one of the A-list blogs, only time will show our hard work.

Our Stats: (As of April 1st 2008)

  • RSS & email subscribers: 10,000+ (Growing by 100’s every week.)
  • Alexa Rank: 88,739
  • Compete Rank: 130,395 (11,345 visitors from the U.S. alone!)
  • Izea’s RealRank: 499
  • Pages site wide: 400+
  • Average page views per visitor: 3.4

How it works:

1- Read all available positions below.

2- Read all notes for your desired position.

3- Hit the buy now button.

4- Proceed with your payments and fill up notes if needed.

5- All positions are on a monthly subscription bases.

6- We hold a first come first serve policy.

7- We hold the rights to refuse & refund any ads that we find inappropriate.

8- We will contact all buyers within 24 hours from payments by email.

9- We will place your ads and confirm with you.

Price Lock:

As our blog grow, so do the demand on the advertising, and prices will go up sooner or later so we came up with this price lock policy.

All Current prices or any specials are on price lock guaranteed, this means that the price you will pay when you purchase your ad, will stay the same for as long as you are subscribed.

For example: John’s business buy an ad position 5 now, the current price is $5 a month. John get a lot of traffic to his business from our ads so he decide to become our loyal advertiser. 3 months later, position 5 price go up to $20 a month. John will still pay only $5 since he have the price lock guarantee, and his price will never go up as long as he is still subscribed to position 5 ad.

Positions available: (Look below the demo picture)


Position 1: (Top stripe ad on every page on the blog)

This is our most exposed ad format, it is the first thing visitors will see on every page load.

Price: $120 Per Month ea.

Format: Up to 60 Characters text link

Where: At the top of every page.

Rotate: Yes

Rotation: Only 10 rotation available.

Note: Buy more than one ad for more exposure.

While subscribing, in the “Note to seller” area, please send us your display text (up to 60 characters) and the link URL to be advertised.

Position 2: (Peel away ads)

This ad format is most clicked on due to it’s format and is currently available through AdToll services you can apply and purchase your ad here or go to:–6845/

Price: $25 Per week ea. with discounts available for longer periods.

Format: About 500px by 500px image (Use your own).

Where: Top right corner of every page.

Rotate: Yes

Rotation: Only 5 rotations at any givin time.

Position 3: (Sidebar top boxes)

Being on the top of the sidebar on every page on the site, this is the most sold ad format and the most viewed as well. Only six ads will be available and it’s first come first served for a one flat monthly rate.

Price: $150 Per Month ea.

Format: 125px 125px (We will host)

Where: Top of the sidebar on every page.

Rotate: No

Note: We will host your image as long as you provide us with it, animation is OK and size allowed is up to 500KB.

We will contact you within 24 hours from your payment, so you can send us your image and link URL.

Position 4: (Solid text links)

Do not underestimate the power of old fashioned links. These links are more affordable and will show on every page too.

Price: $50 Per Month ea.

Format: Solid text link with up to 35 Characters.

Where: Sidebar, site wide.

Rotate: No

Note: Please send us your text and the link URL in the “Note to seller” area during your subscribing process.

Position 5: (Site Wide Skyscraper)

This is available due to the high demand from our advertisers, with a huge site wide impressions with every page, and a great conversion rate, this is a must have spot for any advertiser.

Price: $300 Per Month

Format: 160px by 600px Banner

Where: Sidebar and site wide.

Rotate: NO

Note: We will host your image as long as you provide us with one, animation is OK and size allowed is up to 1000KB.

We will contact you within 24 hours from your payment, so you can send us your image and link URL.

Position 6: (Banner in all posts)

This position is currently not available.

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