Jon Stewart Daily show BAD Jerry Seinfeld


Although I liked the comedy (That was about nothing) but Jerry used to be one of my favorites, until bee movie came out and he had to promote it.

Back in November of 2007, one of the places he had to promote on another favorite of mine: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Every thing was fine until the end when Jerry made fun of blogs acting like it’s a bad word or something!!! That’s a big no no Jerry!

Too bad it was a day before the writer’s strike, so the show was on repeat for quite a while. But even after the show started again when the strike was over, Jerry never came back or talked about his close to an insult comment. Only thing he did was to cut that ridicules looking hair cut of his 😉

On the other hand, Last Sunday, April 14th was declared by the famous Darren from as bloggers appreciation day.

Thank you Darren for thinking of all of us.

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