ProBlogger “BANNED” then unbanned from StumbleUpon! one of my favorite all time bloggers Darren Rowse, just had 2 posts, about his blog being banned from StumbleUpon and thanks to his Twitter followers, and fellow Diggers he finally got in touch with the community manager (in less than 2 hours) and his blog was unbanned.
This is how powerful social media is and it’s the perfect example how it’s effecting our lives right now (Remember the old CNN story about the tweet that got a guy out of jail in Egypt?).
And this is exactly the reason I am starting the online school I have been talking about for a while now that will launch very soon (official annousment next week). All you have to do to join and keep updated is to subscribe to this blog’s RSS and soon you will find out when it will start (remember it’s 100% free for all).

Here is a link to Darren’s post: click here

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