Kangaroos can save you money. (Really!)

Yaro just informed me that his Blog Mastermind coaching program charges in Australian dollars. 
Most online coaching programs charge in American dollars, and since the US dollar is anywhere from 5% to 10% stronger than the Aussie dollar as I write this, that’s a 5% to 10% price saving for
you if you join Blog Mastermind.

You can sign-up here: Blog Mastermind
By now you probably know about Blog Mastermind. Thanks to the Conversion Blogging video, the Blog Profits Blueprint and the interview with a million dollar blogger, Yaro’s blog coaching program opening built up a lot of buzz last week.
If you haven’t seen any of the videos, or read the Blueprint or listened to the million dollar blogger interview, you can start right now (it
won’t cost anything) by going here.
Already over 300 people have joined and are busy studying the materials, interacting in the community forums and using the Social Traffic Club to drive traffic to their blogs.
Yaro explained to me that he wanted to charge in $USD, but his Australian bank would not accept the currency, and since it was so close to the opening of his program, he decided to just go with $AUD.
In case you don’t know, Yaro is from Australia, though he sounds a lot like a Canadian sometimes because of his parents.
He did say that his bank would change in the near future, and as soon as $USD is accepted he would switch back.
If you want to lock in the discount by paying in Australian dollars, you should join Blog Mastermind as soon as you can. Here’s the order
page:  Blog Mastermind
Blog Mastermind is not just a course where you are left on your own to go through the training by yourself. It’s a real community, led by mentors
who are successful bloggers, including Yaro himself.
If you are still not sure, but because of the cheaper price you are interested, you should head to Google and type in “Blog Mastermind Reviews” and see what other people are saying about the program.
500 people have participated in the course since it’s first run back in 2007 (it was closed since December 07), so there is plenty of feedback online coming from completely impartial people who have already taken the course.
It’s a smart idea to do research before joining any program, and I think in this case you will find the general consensus is that Blog Mastermind is well worth the cost of admission, especially when it is in Australian dollars.
Here’s the link for more information (and make sure you watch the behind the scenes tour video Yaro presents at the start of the page): 
Blog Mastermind
Good luck with your blog!

PS. The US Dollar, as you probably realize, is not doing so well lately. There’s a possibility that the Australian dollar will get stronger, so the discount if you are used to paying in US dollars, will not be a discount any more – instead it will be more expensive.
I suggest if you have any inclination to join Yaro’s coaching program that you do so soon so you can lock in the discounted price thanks to the currency difference.
Blog Mastermind

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