Blog Action Day lives on (Part 2 of 2)

Just when you think it’s over…
Well it’s not!
The problem still exists!
As I promised, I will continue helping on a daily basis, but for this blog, here is the wrap up:

49 comments from other bloggers who cares.
Click here to view the comments left by them.
Here are the links to their blogs that I encourage everyone to visit* and spend some time to read:
(* Please Note: All the links below opens in the same window, after you visit and read the link, and need to read more, just come back to this page by hitting your browser’s back button)

  1. kouji haiku
  2. KivaB4B Team
  4. Julian Ayrs
  5. jenniefr
  6. CancunCanuck
  7. Pia
  8. YingYang
  9. Diane Cesa
  10. Kris
  11. Toby
  12. Gyutae Park
  13. Thryn
  14. Franz Jeitz
  15. Deon Roberts
  17. Dan
  18. rjleaman
  19. Brian Dowling
  20. Armando Rayo
  21. Courtney
  22. Oliveaux
  23. Indra Gardiner
  24. h.e.g.
  25. Corinne Rodrigues
  26. Kevin (Blog Tipz)
  27. day…
  28. rob, BtG
  29. Erica Schlaikjer
  31. scottpenton
  32. Shayne Packer
  33. Raul
  34. Meg
  36. Christian
  37. Chris @ Lifestyle Project
  38. Nick Anstead
  39. Charlotte Carey
  40. Elizabeth
  41. Barry Wallace
  42. Blog Action Day 2008: Word vs. Deed
  43. Angel Cuala
  44. Family against Poverty: Blog Action Day 2008
  45. Jack
  46. Working Films
  47. Frugal Trenches
  48. InTheLoop
  49. Luc
  50. Dan Bassill
  51. MobileFreak
  53. Guinevere

The reason that there is 53 links is that some bloggers left the specific link to their posts about the issue and I included it under each one of them.

I hope that I delivered the message clearly! From this point on, I hope that everyone else will do something to help 🙂

Note: All income and money raised from this blog from October 15th until the 19th, will go into 2 of the organizations mentioned at the blog action day home page as donations. Thanks to all that helped. 🙂

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