Can you believe this blog is worth $5 million dollars?

Blogging can make you a millionaire – here is proof:

Whoever said blogging can’t make BIG money had not heard this story.

Yaro Starak interviewed his previous student, Alborz Fallah, who is the owner of – a car blog for Australians, which was valued at $5 million dollars and generates close to $50,000 a month.

You can listen or read the interview here: Click here for interview

Alborz started his blog like most people, sitting at home, writing content each day outside of the time he spent at his full time job. His blog grew, he started making money and he just kept working.

Eventually he was approached by people who wanted to buy his blog. He said no, until someone came along who only wanted to buy a share in the site and help it continue to grow. Alborz agreed and his blog immediately went from part time hobby, to full time business.

Today, Alborz’s blog has full time employees, he travels to Europe to test some of the most prestigious cars in the world and it’s fair to say he is living a dream – making big money writing about a topic he loves.

In this interview you can hear Alborz talk about how he grew his traffic, how he brought on investors to help grow his site and what’s it like being in charge of a multi-million dollar blog.

It’s worth listening to this interview because you can learn some key things to help with your own quest to make a profitable blog, for example:

– How Alborz chose the topic for his blog is a great lesson for anyone else out there struggling to come up with a blog topic.

– The search engine advice Alborz offers is powerful yet simple and will immediately help your own blog get more traffic, if you follow it.

– The story of how investors came on board to take Car Advice to the next level is unique, but definitely worth hearing because it shows how you can grow a blog from just making a few hundred dollars, to making six or seven figures a year.

The interview is available for instant download in MP3 or text transcript.
Here’s the link again: Click here to download the free interview

Yaro released this video to inspire people to believe what is possible with a blog.

If you want to follow in Alborz’s footsteps, consider taking on Yaro as your blog coach and join his Blog Mastermind coaching program and you might just become the next Alborz.

I’ll speak (With even more details soon) to you soon.

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