A Very Quick & Short Yet Important Post


Yep, you read it right. Wahol 2.0 is on the countdown 😉

I have decided to re-open Wahol (The Work At Home OnLine course) to the public again.

This time it will re-open along side with project W at the same time.

When will I launch both? It’s a secret for now, but you can get the inside scoop by subscribing by email (on the top right corner of this email), and I will send you some info that will not be available to the public. And a bonus in advance for the W project,

Want to find out more about both Wahol 2.0 and project W? Just use the search option (also on the top right corner).

P.S. I have 2 hints only for email subscribers:

1. You will get 50% off of anything (or 50% more of anything) if you subscribe now.

2. You will enter the contest of a lifetime to win $50,000 in cash (not PayPal) cold hard $50,000 cash from my sponsors. Only if you subscribe now!

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