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Launch of one click bidding on

Fresh news and new tools from eBay.
This week eBay is launching a new tool called:

One click bidding.
This tool is for buyers, and what it allows you to do is: Once you bid once, then to re-bid again just click on the link, it will bring up a small window in your screen (from within the item page) so when it gets to the last few minutes of the auction, the small window will refresh automatically about every 3 seconds.
From within this window the new one click bidding option will be there so you can re-bid very quickly using it.
So look for that, it will be under the bid button on the item page.
This is coming out this week and it’s great for buyers and sellers also since it will allow more bidding and therefore a higher price for the items.
I will revisit and use the tool once it’s out so I can study it more and give you any further information about it.

eBay DevCon and Live!

So I am here at the eBay live developer conference, met new exciting people and learning more and more about eBay, paypal and skype API programs.

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