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Social Marketing: FaceBook, lesson 1

So the new marketing trend now is social marketing…

We’ll talk in details about social marketing in general, and how to use all of it’s powerful tools for free, but, at this lesson I will answer to the most asked questions I have been getting when speaking about FaceBook:

Q: Is it free?

A: Yes it is, 100%

Q: Can I make money on it?

A: Yes you can, as I am writing this, there is over 14,000 developers world wide getting rich(er) everyday with their FaceBook applications.

Q: Do I need to become a developer to make money using FaceBook?

A: Not at all, there is a lot of ways to make good revenue utilizing FaceBook. For example, you can get exposure to your blog/site or even your eBay items by adding some applications (to date: thousands of applications available, free of charge).

Q: Tell me more, what is it exactly?

A: FaceBook is a website that offers social networking services, it’s been said that it’s the next big thing after Google. To date there is 1000’s of new users every day.

Q: Social Who….?

A: Social networking, think of it as a very advanced phone to connect with your family, friends, school mates and work colleagues. Share photos and videos, join groups, join local networks, add events and invite people to it, join good causes, dating and lots more.

Q: Am I too old for it?

A: Silly! not at all, in fact most new users today are adults over 30.

Q: All this for free?

A: Again, yes 100% no catch.

Q: Why should I join?

A: Reason 1: To connect with friends and family. Reason 2: A chance to make good revenue.

Q: OK, how do I sign up?


The lesson:

1. It’s very simple: Go to then click on “sign up” and fill up your information.

2. FaceBook made it easy to add friends from your existing email address books, that’s the next step after signing up.

3. Upload your profile picture.

4. You’re done, you are now a member at FaceBook. Welcome.

OK, one more question: Would you be my friend? A: Absolutely, click here and then click on “add to friends”.

OK, seriously, last question: Will you have more lessons about FaceBook?


RSS feeds, Part 2 of 4 (What are RSS feeds? In plain English)

I was planning on explaining the readers and how to use them. Instead, due to high demand requests to explain more about RSS technology in plain English, I decided to include this video explaining in “Plain English” for my beginners readers everything they might want to know about RSS. I think it’s a great video.

Enjoy it and leave comments of what you think.

Next: Part 3 and 4 will be about different kinds of readers and simple steps to setup readers, also how to use RSS for your marketing plans.