RocketPlace: A conference for eBay sellers

5 of my very good friends are speakers in the RocketPlace (Formerly known as the AsWas conference) taking place in at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, February 28, 2008 – March 1, 2008 in Walt Disney World®, Florida.

The 2.5 days event is an open invitation to eBay’s PowerSellers at all levels, eBay sellers shooting to become PowerSellers, Trading Assistants and consigners, and eBay educators and consultants.

From the site:

” RocketPlace is the only conference that is:

  • Designed to deliver what eBay sellers need to learn through clear demonstrations and presentations. You’ll leave our event knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Covering techniques, strategies, and tools for eBay sellers at all levels.
  • Focused 80% on growing your eBay business and 20% on selling outside of eBay.
  • Scheduled for you to attend all of the classes, meet all of the vendors, and have a free one-on-one business consulting session without missing anything.
  • Intimate enough for you to get personal attention and your questions answered.”

Register today online using my favorite online registration service ( and get a $50 discount.

To get your discount, do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Register online”

3. Fill in you information.

4. At check out, enter code “ALEX” and you will receive your discount.

Have a nice and informative trip.


Make money with eBay motors (an ebook review)


Thanks to my good friend Steve Lindhorst from genuine seller, I gave eBay motors another chance for car sales.

Steve’s latest ebook (Showroom Secrets) explain in details how to use your eBay selling skills to make full time living selling cars. The ebook covers every thing from learning how to sell cars, to the preparations for getting deals with car dealers in your local area.

Steve is a former eBay University instructor with an excellent experience with cars and car dealers, As you read the ebook, you will go through details for everything you need to know to start listing dealer vehicles, and making money.

Steve said about the ebook: ” The material is designed for people who know how to use eBay, but cannot afford to lay out hundreds or thousands of dollars for inventory to resell. After reading the book a person with solid eBay skills could approach vehicle dealerships in their area and begin a service business with no money upfront. Without the information in the book, there’s a good chance of getting shot down right out of the gate.”

To download the ebook instantly and start making money as soon as tomorrow, click here

Enjoy it.

Hot or Not sold for $20 Millions

hotornot.gif was just sold for a reported $20 Millions to Avid Life Media. Well, big congratulations to the founders Jim and James.

As you might know now, I have been a member for a couple of years  now and I loved how was the site so open since the start and the freedom we had as members.

In the beginning the site was all about rating people based on their looks. Then they have implemented a dating method that was different than any other dating service site.

And I have to say that they kept it clean of any pornographic images, by manually moderating the site (Funny it was James parents who took out the bad pictures).

Now with the explosion of the site’s application on FaceBook and so many highly trafficked social networking sites, and after reporting about $5 Million a year revenue from their site, I think that another $20 Million to top that is a great deal.

I know and hope that Jim and James will have another great idea to come up with. But for now, I wish them great luck and hope they don’t spend it all in one place 😉

A new gadget from Sony!

A new toy just came out from Sony Ericsson. I won’t call it an iPhone equal, but it’s a great competition to O2’s Ocean or the T-mobile sidekick.
The new product line is called: XPERIA. To start, Sony just launched the XPERIA X1 with a full QWERTY keyboard, 3 inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a full 400 MB of storage memory. Also the new phone have a microSD support and was built with a modified windows mobile version (which I like a lot) and so far I heard that it will be available locally sometime this summer and should be able to work on every network in the U.S. and Europe.
Here is a first hand video review from Video

Yahoo! Live goes “Live”: A video service

Yahoo uncovers an experimental live video product last night.

A live streaming video service and was testing it with Yahoo! employees. The service (Yahoo! Live) enables anyone with a Web camera to create their own live video stream (similar to the competing sites: BlogTV, Mogulus, and and broadcast, lifecast or webcast till their hearts are content.

The new service will allow anyone to text message in a chat box anybody who is streaming live, and of course you can embed videos from around the web.

It gets even better, Yahoo has also created an API for developers and has made a preview of the API and its embeddable components, and made a sample app and tutorial available as well.

Visit: or get the updates from:  Yliveblog

Only problem so far is there is no way to see your past recordings, which would make the service useless for creating an online show, like so many have done on uStream.

I am sure that Yahoo will develop such thing in the near future. I also got some errors when using the site however, over all it looks great and it’s optimized for fast loading.

FaceBook for Dummies is out

Every where, on newsstands and in book stores, A great book about FaceBook is coming out.
FaceBook for dummies official publishing date is Feb. 11th 2008.
I had the honer of having a copy of the pre-print book and as an old facebooker I think it’s great for both newbies and advanced application builders.
Enjoy it guys and get your discounted copy from (only $9.99 for Kindle users, click below to find out more about Kindle)
Enjoy the book.

Super Bowl Sunday: 63 commercials interrupted by 1 game

A quick post:

Super Bowl Sunday is all about marketing.

At least that’s what I think.

With about 158 million Americans with wide eyeballs and More than a billion viewers will watch the game, in 223 countries and territories, thanks to 57 international broadcasters, looking at the years most marketed game, and the fact that there is over $170.1 million worth of commercials sold by Fox: There will be 63 ads interrupting the game (or you might say the game will interrupt the 63 commercials), and for each 30-second spot, Fox will collect $2.7 million. Wow, that’s $90,000 per second.

I think that this is the first marketing “Game” and the second TV marketing event after New Years eve.

A quick review of 30 years of advertising is: Here (I like the Yahoo one) 🙂

YouTupe is having a ” Vote for your favorite ad event right after the game” through adblitz: Here

And even my favorite domain registrar got famous thanks to their daring you Super Bowl Commercial few years back.

Get you own domain name with Godaddy for just $1.99 per year during the Super Bowl promotion and get a chance to watch all Godaddy’s daring commercials through out the years (Even the ones that was banned by TV due to their strong adult materials) by clicking on this banner:

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 120x240

Want a sneak preview of the ad before the game? For free? Here is what you do:

Click on Godaddy’s banner above, Scroll all the way to the bottom, one of the links there says ” BobParsons”  click on it, then click on the “Fox hands us a lemon” article under Jan. 2008, you will find the secret link to the free video there.

I will deliver you my own coverage of the ads (Not the game) shortly after the game. Enjoy your Ads.

I meant enjoy the game 😉

Ad:Tech, a flash back review of 7search

When I visited Ad:Tech NY, one of the biggest online advertising company grabbed my attention:

I gathered great information from their sales rep. Brad Stanley and this is what I think:

When I first visited over 5 years ago they were already a powerful online advertising company, conducts over 1.7 Billion Searches per month with well over 200,000 uniques. is one of the leading pay-per-ranking search engines on the entire web with patent pending Fraud Detection Technology, giving advertisers the highest ROI, you can begin bidding on keywords for as little as one penny!

They are a transparent bid auction, this means they will show you the total searches on each keyword and as well as current bid prices so you can bid accordingly to become more visible on Search Engine Results Pages, ultimately bringing more business to you. They have partnered with a network of over 39,000 advertisers as well as 35% (600) of the search engines that are currently generating quality traffic on the web now.

Big Shocking news: Microsoft Bids $44.6B for Yahoo!

And one of my personal favorite dreams for both companies to join forces and become one, … well, we’re close to that.

Although this is not a financial blog nor a stock market watch blog, but I think the effect this will do to the online advertising industry will be huge.

As we speak, the online advertising industry is a $40B and it’s expected to be $80B in less than 3 years, that’s a breaking neck rate as they call it.

I think that Steve Ballmer is in a desperate grab for the online advertising market, so, Microsoft came through and bid $44.6 billion, or $31 per share, for Yahoo.

The bid represents a 62 percent premium to yesterday’s closing price for Yahoo shares, although, as one analyst pointed out, it’s only a roughly 15 percent premium over the 52-week average trading price.

While this is Microsoft’s boldest strategic move in a while, the company has made several aggressive attempts to gain footing in the online ad market over the last 12 months. In May 2007, Microsoft announced its $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive (now called: Microsoft ad Marketplace) and in October 2007, they spent a huge  $280 million for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook. ($10 more millions and they reach only half of what New Corp paid for myspace)

The bid comes just a couple days after Yahoo posted weak fourth quarter results and announced plans to cut 1,000 positions.

Among the many benefits to the proposed deal, according to Microsoft, is that many Yahoo employees can keep their jobs:

“Microsoft intends to offer significant retention packages to Yahoo! engineers, key leaders and employees across all disciplines,” the statement said.

Although Yahoo said it would consider the offer, I believe that Microsoft is probably taking the bid public because they failed in private talks, and now they’re trying to appeal to shareholders.

A bigger dream is for all the major sites to join forces and work in harmony. Mark this day in history as it may be the beginning of a brand new better world.