Guru of Sales is retiring! To a 7-11!!

It is sad, but due to so many changes in the online world, I am announcing that this blog will no longer be active and I will delete all my domain names and every hosting plan or online profile in any site that I am a member of.

I was better off working at the local 7-11.

And that’s exactly what will I do… Go apply for a job there!

I am sad and I will miss you all, make sure to stop by for some coffee at the 7-11.



















Notice the date?!

New Plans! V. 1.5

It has been almost a week since I announced the upcoming changing for this blog, However, we have faced so many difficulties with the theme that we decided to use, and our in house designer (my friend John) was not available to help us. And a lot of new changes in the business just happened this last week, first eBay’s new policy with digital products (which equals about 20% of my business) and then the all new wordpress 2.5 release and some problem we had with images and the season finale of the Celebrity Apprentice. I will post more details about all in future posts.

So we decided to stick with the old design with some minor modifications, but we will fulfill everything else in the update announcement.

I am glad to announce that our new Services, Jobs, classifieds and photo gallery pages will be published within the course of the next 24 hours.

And you’re in for a treat!

I have come to the point that all the old series of posts should be compiled, So not only I will compile them in one place for you, I will also try to complete all parts in all my posts so you can have all the information that you’ve been waiting for.

Even Better:

I will start helping you make money online and master the art of being an entrepreneur online and to even achieve the superstar entrepreneur status.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will do my best to answer all. 🙂

Undergoing maintenance count down!

Just a quick announcement,

We are working on the new design for Guru Of Sales, with input from our blogging team, here is some of the changes:

1- A brand new theme and layout to fit the massive amount of readers we have been getting early.

2- A total brush up on the categories structure (blog spring cleaning).

3- Adding more ways to connect with us.

4- Adding the “Services” page and including all of our services in one place.

5- Adding a job board (We are almost done designing it) and if possible we will be adding a free classified section.

6- Starting in April we will include podcasts and video casts, and very soon Vlogging as well.

7- Free for all classes will be added regularly.

8- VERY IMPPRTANT: your feedback is what we live for, please send us any requests or suggestions that you think will benefit you as our reader.

Don’t forget to add us to your RSS reader for the upcoming updates (We will be done within 10 days).

Thank you and we love you.