This weeks (or so) schedule

1. 4/25/2008 For 10 years I have been saying that I am 20 something. I can’t say that starting today. Yes you guess right, it is my 30th B-Day today, if you are my friend on facebook then you got my invite, if not then have some fun and enjoy your day 😉

2. 4/26/2008 My Best friends bachelor party.

3 .4/27/2008 One thing on my to do list: Send a happy birth day card to Darren (my blogging idol from

4. Taking another 4 days off, with a vacation getaway, and it’s a secret 😉 (Man I love being an entrepreneur)

5. 5/1/2008 Family event!!

6. 5/3/2008 Shutting down all my computers for shut down day (Look here)

7. 5/3/2008 Attending my best friends wedding all day.

8. 5/5/2008 If you know the date, then you will know what I am doing. Plus it’s my other friends B-day party.

9. 5/6/2008 Being grateful for wordpress’s schedule post option, so it will look like I didn’t stop posting in the last 10 days. (Yes in case you didn’t know, you can post in the future 🙂 )

10. 5/7/2008 Back to normal life and think about never revealing my personal life’s schedule again

ScribeFire released 2.0.2


One of my favorite blogging tools and top firefox addons is Scribefire, Although if I am not on firefox, I will be using my other favorite tool (Windows live writer), but I can tell you that this tool is a blogger’s dream, if you are a blogger and you do a lot of online research like me, then you will love using this tool.

ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.

I think that says it all. I often get a lot of RSS feeds through firefox that I want to blog about. With ScribeFire I don’t have to leave that page, I can actually have a split screen and browse to any page I like and write my post all in the same time.

ScribeFire has just released version 2.0.2 and it is worth checking out at

Put a voice into your Twitter or blog


As all of you might already know, that I am a twitterholic now. I can’t help it, please add me here: but did you know that you can twitter, or even blog by voice now?!

That’s right, I just stumbled upon and it’s in beta now, but with the simple yet great service you can simply call a toll free number and tweet, blog to your wordpress blog, add to your Google or 30 boxes calendar, add a personal todo list, ad personal reminders, connect with your groups and even check on your zillow.

After you call, the service will read your voice, and save it, then add your tweet to your twitter with a link to your voice too. Do the same steps if you have a quick blog post on your wordpress blog.

Did I mention it’s all for free? Enjoy it 😉