Facebook: The Movie!

Yes you heard it right, Just learned about it from the New York Entertainment blog, Aaron Sorikin of “Charlie Wilson’s War” will be writing the screen play.
Of course Aaron have a Facebook fan page, and he have just agreed to write the movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about how Facebook was invented (I wonder how :-p ).
I know that I for one will be watching it the second it’s out, since I am a facebook addict 😉
I think I have close to 500 friends as I type this on facebook, and I am never tired to send happy birthdays or helping others on the facebook help forum, remember to add me as a friend, I like making new friends 🙂

Did you hear about the iPhone girl?!

Well, I did!
A long article linked from Yahoo! (homepage) about a huge buzz going on regarding a new iPhone shipped to a British client with a picture of a girl working in a Honk Kong factory…. Blah blah blah.
Get it? It’s another stunt from Apple, a marketing stunt that is. Creating more and more of the hyped iPhone 3G buzz. Very smart, still I will never change my mind about Apple, now that people finally getting the picture that it’s all just good marketing. I mean great marketing, specially after all the mistakes going on with the 3G and the security hacks it’s been getting.
Apple, I rest my case 😉

RocketPlace Announces September 2008 Speakers

RocketPlace, the premier conference for new eBay sellers and
PowerSellers, is proud to announce their speakers for their September
10-12, 2008 event at The Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The
full schedule of sessions can be found at www.rocketplace.com/agenda.
Confirmed speakers include:
* Todd Lutwak, Senior Director of Seller Development at eBay, who will
be giving the Advanced track keynote as well as a session for the
Beginner track.

* Marsha Collier, best-selling author of eBay
For Dummies and many other For Dummies books, will be giving the
Beginner track Keynote.

* Jane Judd, Senior Manager of the
Customer Service Loyalty Team at Zappos.com will deliver the closing
keynote for the Advanced Track.

* Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Ten
Golden Rules, is a seasoned marketing professional with over twenty
years of business experience. He has managed marketing departments for
Fortune 500 brands: McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, and has developed
traditional and direct marketing programs for AT&T, Sprint and
eDiets.com. Jay was the highest-rated speaker at our Spring 2008
RocketPlace conference, and we welcome him back!

* John Lawson
of 3rd Power Outlet, David Yaskulka from Blueberry Consulting, Tim Woda
from buySAFE, Cindy Litchfield from Cloud Dome, Bodin Suttles from
Endicia, Amy Kendall from HammerTap, Jason Guzman from JunctionQuest,
Michael Lambert from Merchant Advantage, Brian Gibbs from Refund
Retriever, Edward Sayers of RPM Business Group, Phyllis Wischer of
SageFire, Adam Morris from Sell Center, Michael Levit from Vendio, Lisa
Suttora from WhatDoISell.com, and a variety of the experts at As Was
including CEO Debbie Levitt.

RocketPlace has one track for
beginners looking for the road map for eBay business success. A second
track is for PowerSellers looking for tips on how to grow with all of
eBay’s recent changes as well as how to use the latest techniques,
strategies, and tools to improve their eBay businesses. More
information is available on www.rocketplace.com