Why do I LOVE Twitter?


3 Days ago I asked this question on Twitter: Name 1 reason you love Twitter and 1 tool that you use to “Tweet” the most.
Here is my answer:

Here are the first 50 answers (Replies or Direct Messages) from my friends on Twitter:

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Twitter is a personal friendly tool used to network socialize and most importantly staying up to date on what’s going on in the world.

Best answer that made me laugh was @netik answer, we all know that you work there John, so thanks for participating 🙂

All the other answers are great, I received almost 100 replies with only one of them asking if they can say why they hated twitter. Well, as any person would, I was a bit skeptical too when I first started using Twitter. But that’s another story in the making and will be shared with you all soon.

Don’t forget to comment on this post of what you think of the answers and of Twitter in general.

Thank you to everyone that replied or DM’ed me back and if you are looking to learn more about Twitter and beyond, I have just finished a 5 hours session to be included in the free online school starting November 1st, so keep updated and sign up when the doors opens soon 🙂

Blog Action Day lives on (Part 2 of 2)

Just when you think it’s over…
Well it’s not!
The problem still exists!
As I promised, I will continue helping on a daily basis, but for this blog, here is the wrap up:

49 comments from other bloggers who cares.
Click here to view the comments left by them.
Here are the links to their blogs that I encourage everyone to visit* and spend some time to read:
(* Please Note: All the links below opens in the same window, after you visit and read the link, and need to read more, just come back to this page by hitting your browser’s back button)

  1. kouji haiku
  2. KivaB4B Team
  3. http://b4bcommunity.org/2008/08/the-kiva-affiliate-program-hel.html
  4. Julian Ayrs
  5. jenniefr
  6. CancunCanuck
  7. Pia
  8. YingYang
  9. Diane Cesa
  10. Kris
  11. Toby
  12. Gyutae Park
  13. Thryn
  14. Franz Jeitz
  15. Deon Roberts
  16. http://neworleanscitybusiness.wordpress.com/
  17. Dan
  18. rjleaman
  19. Brian Dowling
  20. Armando Rayo
  21. Courtney
  22. Oliveaux
  23. Indra Gardiner
  24. h.e.g.
  25. Corinne Rodrigues
  26. Kevin (Blog Tipz)
  27. day…
  28. rob, BtG
  29. Erica Schlaikjer
  30. http://responsiblechina.com/2008/10/07/the-responsiblechina-show-courtney-mccolgan-and-casey-wilson-wokaiorg/
  31. scottpenton
  32. Shayne Packer
  33. Raul
  34. Meg
  35. http://howtomakeadifferencenow.blogspot.com/2008/09/shame-on-you-dr-jack-phillips-give-us.html
  36. Christian
  37. Chris @ Lifestyle Project
  38. Nick Anstead
  39. Charlotte Carey
  40. Elizabeth
  41. Barry Wallace
  42. Blog Action Day 2008: Word vs. Deed
  43. Angel Cuala
  44. Family against Poverty: Blog Action Day 2008
  45. Jack
  46. Working Films
  47. Frugal Trenches
  48. InTheLoop
  49. Luc
  50. Dan Bassill
  51. MobileFreak
  52. http://www.mobilemammoth.com/mobile-websites/mobile-web-reducing-poverty-blog-action-day-2008
  53. Guinevere

The reason that there is 53 links is that some bloggers left the specific link to their posts about the issue and I included it under each one of them.

I hope that I delivered the message clearly! From this point on, I hope that everyone else will do something to help 🙂

Note: All income and money raised from this blog from October 15th until the 19th, will go into 2 of the organizations mentioned at the blog action day home page as donations. Thanks to all that helped. 🙂

Blog Action Day lives on (Part 1 of 2)

As I continue my effort towards this critical issue (Poverty) and as I mentioned in this post that this effort should be ongoing and not just for one day, also as I would like to bring up the point of blogging and how powerful it is bringing people together world wide.

I started something wild, and it took me about 14 hours of reading to finish it (almost).

I personally went to every blog that was picked up on the blog action day home page and read every single post by all the bloggers from around the world, aside from the amount of info that I learned within the 14 hours of reading (Thanks to all), it came to my mind that blogging is not just about writing (Although it is the biggest part of it), but also it’s about connecting people, I have seen personal blogs, business blogs, romance blogs, religion blogs, health blogs (And the list goes on…), all sharing the same call against poverty which was the topic of the 2008 blog action day. Some bloggers actually did the same thing I did, which is connecting, how? By commenting on other blogs.

Whether you are a reader, blogger or just a surfer, you can raise your voice and be heard simply by commenting on other blogs. And that’s what I did!

I commented on over 150 blog posts that I read throughout the last 48 hours commending everyone on their posts (I specially liked the ones with photos “Photo blogging”) and asked them all to come and read the article that I wrote and let me know what they thought about my contribution to solve the issue.

I also promised them that I will encourage my readers to visit their blogs and read their opinions as well. I would call this “Social Blogging” which is simply getting every one involved in action.

I’ll go through commenting and blogging as a social networking, opinion sharing tool more in my upcoming online training school that I’ve announced earlier this month.

The point of this post is that every time I have received a comment back from another blogger, I knew they cared about the issue, that does not mean that everyone else didn’t care, I understand that sometime people get sidetracked by life, but the people who commented on the article (44 comments up to this point) did a lot to share to solve the problem, even if they didn’t know it, they did put the effort of just sharing to raise the issue higher into the open field of blogging.

And that’s another way of solving any problem, we see it every day, whether on a newspaper site, on a political forum, or on any blog of any kind. And I will do my part and share the love with you from everyone that commented on this article and a link to their blogs in the second part of this article and I really hope that you will take a minute for each blog to read their opinion. And don’t forget to comment 😉

I will go back to my normal blogging, but in my life, this issue along with a lot more issues (Like my involvement with ONE.org) which was the main reason for me to start blogging, will continue on a daily basis. And I will also share my knowledge with everyone on the online school that will start on November 1st 2008 for free! (Again this is not all about money or profit, but it’s to share the good and feel the better).

2 ways to keep up with me is to get the RSS here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/guruofsales
Or follow me personally on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/guruofsales

Fight Poverty: It’s Blog Action Day today!

It is today, it is now, it is blog action day.
Once again thousands of bloggers unite to deliver an important message.
This year (Today) it’s about one subject:


The numbers above are rising fast, meaning that this is working.
My message is very simple: We can end poverty. Not tomorrow, not next year, but right now.

I need comments on this post!

I know that you can share something good, and I did and still doing my part by being active socially, Online and offline.
One group that I promote (And proudly THE TOP recruiter on the hall of fame on it) is the facebook cause called: “MicroPlace” which is a brilliant idea by non other than eBay founder (and his network) Pierre Omidyar. (Note: in order to be able to view the cause page on facebook you must have a facebook account and be signed in or try here).

The idea of MicroPlace (Which also can be reached at www.Microplace.com) is very simple: People helping people. That’s it in a nutshell.

People generally like to invest money. Why not micro invest their money to help families around the world to start a small business? This way they helped them out of poverty, provided an honest work environment, shared the love, and also shared the profit. But then again it’s not always about profit, it’s about how good you will feel after helping someone. If you watch Oprah, you will understand her point of helping people without expecting anything in return but the joy knowing what she did was a great thing.

My point of showing you the facebook cause/group is to show you that I have been doing it for a long time now, almost on a daily basis, and I beleive that if everyone who is reading this right now start by just spreading the word about MicroPlace (everyday, not just today!), I beleive that we can put an end to poverty very soon.

I still need comments..

Another way you can help is by telling me your idea or share your thoughts by commenting on this post, this is why I need you to spend just a minute and tell me what you think or how can we all come together to help with the issue. And I can’t wait to hear your voices 🙂

Another thing that I will do, is to buy 25 dinner boxes and tweet about my location where I will be giving it out in New York city tonight, feel free to come and help out, I will be posting tweets on my Twitter page here of what’s happening.

This must really continue, I blogged about it before here and here, and I will continue to do my best by sharing on all my networking activities online or off. (Feel free to join me on any of the networks found on the top right corner of this page), make sure to comment, do any of the 3 actions I shared above (Join a cause and sread the word, write about it or tell a friend and go out and give something no matter how small you thin kit is). And I will see you soon 🙂

Also worth visiting: Kiva

Video interview w/ eBay President & CEO John Donahoe

First of all, I would like to apologize about the big mistake I did while taking this video, and to clarify why, is simply because I snatched this interview as soon as I got the chance, however, my camera was on very low battery and it was set in the previous recording on the zoomed in position, if I have realized that and tried to zoom out before taking the video, I would loose the power and the entire interview in general.
I know it might seem funny, but everyone make mistakes!

In the interview, John Donahoe, eBay’s current president (Who also used to be the eBay marketplaces president for a long time), speaks positively with confident about eBay, urging new users to sign up, buy and sell, even create social networks around it.
I first met John last year at eBay’s DevCon in Boston, briefly spoke to him about his visions and found out that he is not only a brilliant & open minded person, but I thought that he is the man for the job, taking eBay to the next level (In my opinion, this should have been done a long time ago!) and I agree with every move he made since taking over his position 100% (And yes I don’t think that eBay should be just a big garage sale, there is a lot more into it than just that).
John, me and Pierre Omidyar (eBay founder) share the same vision that drove a lot of current sellers away or mad or whatever you have seen in the news latley, but I think that consentrating on eBay’s core business, opening more doors to developers (API’s), and cleaning up the site in general of some of the old rules that brought the company somehow down, is the only way for eBay to become what it’s meant to be since the begining, an online marketplace!
Yes I understand that I might get a lot of comments against my opinion, but I truly believe that if you reialze how much more money you can make though eBay without even selling anything, you will be amaized of what you didn’t know before. All I can ask you is to open your eyes, think outside the box, research on how to become a real player in this game (Not just a big seller) and I guarentee you great profit and bigger bussines than you can even imagin.
Before I leave you with the video, I wanted you all to know that I am including at least 2 months total of eBay training, not only on how to sell, but also a complete work around to make profit in other ways but selling, including the affiliate program, API calls, integration into other applications and similler stuff. (Don’t start going crazy now, I promise that it will be so easy for any one to do it with the least experiance) and will be all for free on the upcoming Online School that I announced here.

Enjoy the video:

Marsha Collier video interview about eBay business!

As I continue sharing all the interviews that I did throughout the summer, today I am sharing an interview with an author of many books and DVD’s Marsha Collier.
A list of all the books and DVD’s that Marsha wrote or co-wrote is in the widget below:

Marsha is also the co-host of WSRadio’s show: Computer and technology and the creator of the site: www.CooleBayTools.com
Enjoy the video:

I will speak more about Marsha’s impressive work and teachings on the upcoming Online School, so stay tuned 😉

Yahoo Launches Web Analytics

A few months ago, Yahoo! bought the Hugarian based company IndexTools. That was a big upgrade from Yahoo! specially to their Search Marketing program and to the Yahoo Small Bussiness users.

I have been watching for the re-emerging update, and it came in today. Of Course I will compare it to the only 2 Analytics services that I use on a daily bases, Google Analytics and StatCounter.

The only problem is that I am still waiting to get access to Yahoo’s Web Analytics, since it’s still in beta.
But I know this for now: The 2 features that I really like about the new service is this:
1. The real time insights that’s updated within minutes from any activity on your site and showing the visitors behavior, which will make me switch from Google Analytics into this service. (This is the only problem I face with Google Analytics because of the one hour delay in stats!)
2. The drag and drop filtering option (I wonder if it’s AJAX?!) that will add a rich user experience to the service.

Here is a video that I found on YouTube for a quick review of the service:

7 Days to Blog Action Day video!

Today I received a reminder (Quoted Below) from the organization, and so, I am sharing these 2 great videos with you guys, hope you enjoy:

Here is the email reminder:

7 Days to Go – Have you Registered?

Hello Bloggers!

We’ve got just 7 days to go before Blog Action Day 2008 – and we want to make sure everyone who participated in 2007 has had a chance to register their blogs to post up on October 15th and join us once more in shaking the internet!

Register at: www.BlogActionDay.org

In 2008 we’re discussing Poverty and we’re all set for a huge year with thousands of bloggers registered to participate, including dozens of top bloggers like TechCrunch, LifeHacker and more!

Additionally we have members of both the Spanish and English parliaments planning on participating, a ton of great organisations including the United Nations Millenium Campaign, Friendster, MySpace, Kiva, BlogTV, Blog.de, and lots more.

Want to teach eBay and make money?

This a quick post with a video (Below) to explain to some of you one of the things I do, which is being an eBay Education Specialist:

The way it started with me was when eBay had something called the eBay University (Discontinued!) and I went there to learn how to expand my eBay business (Second largest ebook seller on eBay), long story short, I decided that I already covered every aspect of eBay, even more than what they tought at their classes. Then a couple of friends asked me to teach them how to start a business on eBay and the education specialist program started at the same time so I decided to join.

Brenda (an eBay Education Specialist) will explain what the program is all about in the video below, you can also click here for an example course that I personally teach or you can see me as the futured speaker for a very special (secret) day which normaly falls a day before eBay live.

Here is the video with Brenda:

And here is the video where I was the speaker at the event:

To learn more about the program or to become an instructor click here.
To find out if there is an instructor in your local area then click here.

My turn to be interviewed (and ice cream!)

Yes it is my turn to be interviewed, as you can tell from my YouTube channel, I interviewed almost everyone else, and I am proud to announce that my first public video interview (About my business) was made by (non other than) Yaro Starak himself, the same person that brought to you the always resourceful blog: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/
Yaro interviewed me in New York when I insisted on meeting him (As one of his loyal fans) and the video just went live last night (Again perfect timing).

Here is the video:

I know I looked nervous in the video 😉 but the good thing is that when Yaro tagged the video on YouTube, he tagged it with keywords like (Ice Cream) which just happened to be one of my recent tags on my new personal video blogging serious on YouTube as well, called: Alex’s Random.anias! so the videos actually relate on YouTube immediatly. Just perfect timing.

Speaking of videos and tagging, I am revealing a bit more about the Online training school to all of you right now: Yes I will include sessions about video blogging, tagging, and even some tips to have all your YouTube videos to be available in high quality.

So stay tuned for more details about the school by subscriping to the Guru Of Sales RSS feed.