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Learn how to effectively and successfully sell your items on eBay in 75 minutes.

This is a free live class made by eBay to help new sellers jump start their eBay experience.

This class will be conducted live in the heart of New York City by certified Education Specialist Alex.

Alex is a Certified eBay Education Specialist with over 14 years of selling experience.


Register for the free 75 minute class below:


In this exciting Learn To Sell on eBay workshop, learn the ins & outs of selling on eBay from one of eBay’s certified Education Specialists. Maximize your effectiveness as an eBay seller as you walk through the steps to get started selling and learn how to get top-dollar for your eBay items. We’ll cover topics such as how to price your items, taking great photos, writing effective descriptions, and more.


In this one hour class you will learn the following:

1. Which keywords to use for your item’s title.

2. Create a great description.

3. Taking the perfect photos.

4. Dealing with packing and shipping.

5. working with eBay mobile app.


We will also demonstrate listing an item live during the class.


We will have a 15 minutes Q&A after the 60 minutes presentation and a continued discussion online or by email after the class.


We only require you to create a free eBay account before the class, watch this video to see how to register on eBay:

Register now, seats are limited!


IMPORTANT: By registering and attending this event, you acknowledge that this event will be video taped.

Also, please bring your printed ticket to check-in or have it ready on your smartphone app for scanning.


Note: If tickets are sold out, you can still register for the waiting list and we will contact you on a first come first serve basis.

Register for the free 75 minute class below:

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