eBay Basics of Selling


Learn How To Sell on eBay

The Right Way!*

Get Trained By An Education Specialist Trained By eBay
Have a professional teach you the right way to sell on eBay.
Training delivered by Education Specialists uses the most
up-to-date training and student materials – the same
ones used by eBay University. So you know you’re
learning to make the most of eBay to increase your
revenue. The training will teach you how to:
• Do research and create Listings that will attract buyers
• Enhance listings with better descriptions and
• Set pricing that will maximize your profits
• Open and use a PayPal account to simplify getting paid
• Monitor sales to know exactly what’s working and
what’s not
• Avoid many of the costly mistakes that new eBay
sellers may make

Harness the power of eBay
to put more money in your pocket.

Not Satisfied yet?!

Every class will come with a student book, extra cheat sheet for a simple step by step, A bonus CD with great marketing material and 1 CEU (Continue Education Unit) Credit to help you if your education institute require it.

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For a 5 hours 1 on 1 class in the NY-NJ area please contact me by clicking here: Contact Me

1 on 1 classes will include 30 minutes of extra “Tips and tricks from 10 years eBay experience” also included the book and all exclusive secret page for class students only for more resources on how to grow your business.

Price: $120 (You can bring a friend or a family member for free)

For Scheduled group classes, please go to my directory page here.

* Please note that this class is only offered locally in New York & New Jersey and occasionally some other states. If you would like a 2 power hours phone or Skype consultation, we will start to offer that very soon, please check back here for more details.

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