eBay to Shutdown Classifieds


Years ago eBay purchased global classifieds giant Kijiji. It did operate as Kijiji for a while until eBay finally (and slowly) changed it to ebayclassifieds.com.
Today, we received emails from eBay Classifieds that it will be shutdown shortly, I will assume that it’s because of the low traffic they have had since they made the switch.
eBay also had purchased mobile local trading app Close5 about a year or so ago and it looks like it’s gaining momentum in the ranks of local trading apps market. eBay is pushing Close5 to be “The” replacement of eBay classifieds as you can read in the email screenshot above.

About Close5: We have personally used it last year before our big move and were successful selling a few items we needed to get rid of, however other more popular local selling apps like Wallapop and OfferUp gave us better results.
eBay Classifieds will stop accepting new postings by the end of August and will completely shutdown by September 30th 2016.
RIP eBay Classifieds.

4 thoughts on “eBay to Shutdown Classifieds”

  1. Close 5 is terrible. With eBay classifieds I was able to monitor my ads and got a lot of responses. Close 5 I can’t even find my ads and haven’t been able to sell anything on it, not even any responses. I eventually removed the app from my phone and computer. I am still looking for a replacement

  2. I completely agree, close 5 went down hill since the time I wrote this article.
    I’m now a big fan of letgo. It’s one of the 2 apps that I use for local selling the other one with less selling altogether is offer up.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. I want to see ebay classifieds come back. It was always an awesome site and I did a lot of business with it. The ‘new’ website is nothing but a pile of cr@p.

  4. Thank you for telling what happened. I used eBay classified a while ago and tried to looking to it today to see if any changes and would I want to use it again. On the eBay site under help they still have eBay classified as an option and give the insertion fee but I could not find the site to browse or sell. So again, thank you.

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