eBay live 08 floor coverage video

Thanks to twitter (www.twitter.com/guruofsales) my new friends from RedRoller.com found me at the booth where I was at eBay live and introduced me to their service. The site is www.RedRoller.com and the service (In my own opinion) is a great time saving service for eBay sellers.
Some of the key benefits of RedRoller’s package shipping service include:

* Cost Savings – Save time and money when shipping packages;
* Convenience – Easy to use, One-Stop Shipping system;
* Service Comparison – Accurate information to balance cost of service versus delivery time;
* Know your Shipping Costs – Users know the ‘landed’ cost to ship a package before shipping;
* Automated Transaction Processing – Prints authorized carrier shipping and postage labels;
* Tracking – Ability to notify customers and track all packages from multiple carriers from one central site;
* Reporting – Ability to manage shipping invoices and analyze information from one central site;
* Accessibility – Use RedRoller’s service from any Internet connected computer; and,
* Integration – eBay® sellers can manage shipments across up to 10 eBay accounts through a single RedRoller account.
Here is the video interview. Enjoy:

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