eBay live 08 floor coverage (video 2)

As Was is a full service consulting firm specializing in eBay and online sales, business creation and operations management, marketing, and custom website development. We are uniquely poised to launch and improve eBay and online businesses through listing design, creation and presentation of the seller’s brand and identity, sales and marketing strategies, and other services. We are eBay’s first Certified Service Provider, and are the only company in the world combining over a decade of website and online sales and marketing experience with years of eBay knowledge.

As Was President Debbie Levitt is a recognized expert on eBay, online and offline marketing, online selling, virtual companies, website trends and usability, domain names and associated legal issues. She has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Business Startups Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Making Money on eBay” live internet radio show. You’ll hear Debbie a few times a year being interviewed by Griff on his radio show.

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