Never Give Up


With all the good things that happened to me in the past few years whether it was personal or in business, many of my new friends have absolutely no idea that I hit rock bottom at one point in the last few years. And I mean fucking zero.

I had no job for a long whole, on my own, no family, very few friends stood by me and helped as much as they could, and I am forever thankful for them, but I hit a point where I had no rent money, no food money, was late on bills to the point that I had no heat or hot water at some point, I still remember getting brain freeze from the shower, I even asked the neighbors for an electricity extension. Bank froze all my money, and I was in debt to friends.

However, I NEVER GAVE UP. I know it will be a long road to get back on my feet. And it was, and without a lot of boring details, I found a job on craigslist, revived my eCommerce skills, blogged and did affiliate marketing, moved around 5 apartments, and so on, I did what it took as long as it was legal or legit to become independent again.

It worked. although it took 3 years, it really worked, I learned a lot from it, but my number one lesson is not to give up.

This post is not to brag of what I did or how I did it, this was just to open up and give you this priceless advice.

So, that’s what I will leave you with. Never Give Up. All will be well.

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