The Last 3 Years Of HALLOWEEN 2013-2015


For the past 3 years we celebrated Halloween with the same group of friends. We normally meet at the beginning of the NYC Village Halloween Parade early enough and we march with them, then comes the party.

2 Years ago, we celebrated 2 days of Halloween, I went as my friend Nick McGlynn   And we were both on the print and the online version of the New York Post. Freaking awesome!


Last year We went as the members of family guy, 4 of us, and we were on a print issue of the NY Daily News (I missed the print).


This past Saturday, we went as Stormtroopers… to my surprise, not many people actually thought that the new movie is coming out in less than 2 months, so we only saw 2 Star Wars costumes throughout the day, not only that, we made a quick cameo on TV (The NY1 Channel) Here’s their coverage (skip to minute 34:00 and look for the stormtroopers).


We always end up at our friends penthouse and rooftop looking directly at the Empire State Building.

Thank you to our friends Nick and Pas and our host Erin for 3 awesome years of Halloween.

Until Next year…

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