This weeks (or so) schedule

1. 4/25/2008 For 10 years I have been saying that I am 20 something. I can’t say that starting today. Yes you guess right, it is my 30th B-Day today, if you are my friend on facebook then you got my invite, if not then have some fun and enjoy your day 😉

2. 4/26/2008 My Best friends bachelor party.

3 .4/27/2008 One thing on my to do list: Send a happy birth day card to Darren (my blogging idol from

4. Taking another 4 days off, with a vacation getaway, and it’s a secret 😉 (Man I love being an entrepreneur)

5. 5/1/2008 Family event!!

6. 5/3/2008 Shutting down all my computers for shut down day (Look here)

7. 5/3/2008 Attending my best friends wedding all day.

8. 5/5/2008 If you know the date, then you will know what I am doing. Plus it’s my other friends B-day party.

9. 5/6/2008 Being grateful for wordpress’s schedule post option, so it will look like I didn’t stop posting in the last 10 days. (Yes in case you didn’t know, you can post in the future 🙂 )

10. 5/7/2008 Back to normal life and think about never revealing my personal life’s schedule again

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