Win $100: Just follow my Twitter

Time for a new contest at Guru Of Sales.
This one is easy, here is what to do:
1. Follow me on Twitter by going here.
2. Your done.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you will be asked to sign up for one, it takes 1 minute to sign up.

I am celebrating getting close to 5000 followers, so the winner will be the 5000th follower.

If you win, I will contact you on Twitter though DM (Direct Message) to send you the cash.

The only rule is this: The prize will go to a brand new follower only. You will be disqualified if you un-follow then follow back, I have a list of all the current followers.

All the current followers will have a better treat soon.

Best of luck to all.

If youโ€™re not following me on Twitter yet, do so by going here.
Want to be my friend on Facebook, do so by going here.
And if you are not an RSS subscriber yet, do so by going here.

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