Alexa’s new ranking (I’m loving it)


Did you notice a huge jump in your Alexa ranking today or yesterday?

I know I did. It changed to a lower ranking for the 3 months average but a much higher for the week average, probably because my inactivity last week because of my vacation.

Alexa is finally listening to their users and adding more algorithms and ways to calculate the global ranking, instead of just relaying on their toolbar input alone.

The new ranking is much better as it shows more real time ranking and a much better "True" rank.

Here is some questions and answers from the announcement page:

My site’s ranking has changed. Was it wrong before?

Your ranking wasn’t wrong before, but it was different. Alexa toolbar users’ interests and surfing habits could differ from those of the general population in a number of ways, and we described some of those possible differences on our website. While the vast majority of sites’ rankings were unaffected by such differences, we’ve worked hard on our new ranking system to adjust for situations in which they could matter.

The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.

Why are the long range graphs gone? I can only get 9 months of historical data.

We are recalculating historic traffic data and will continue to add it over the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience, but should have several years of data back on line shortly.

Will you change the rankings again?

We are constantly working to ensure that we provide the most useful data that we can. We will continue to fine tune our algorithms but don’t foresee any additional big changes. If you think something is amiss please let us know.

I liked the old rankings better. Are they still available somewhere?

We liked the old rankings as well. However, we developed the new system in response to the huge number of requests we got from users like you, and now that it’s done we like it even better. We hope you will too.

We think that having more than one ranking system at a time would be confusing, so we have removed the old rankings.

Do you want to know what I think about this?

Definitely. We’ve been collecting suggestions and ideas for months now, and would love to hear more. If you have thoughts on what we’ve done so far, or ideas on what we should do next, please share them with us.


All I can say is: Thank you Alexa team and that the new ranking methods are almost real. If they only tell us how they are doing it now. Fear nothing, they will reveal some secrets within the next weeks and months.

A new era of true ranking is here. 😉

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