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I figured to start the new Guru Of Sales 2.0 with an announcement from one of my all time favorite bloggers/mentor, Yaro Starak is opening the doors for the second time to his profit from blogging school. I think the school will be on the term of six months, and he is introducing a new approach for making money from your blog: (Conversion blogging) which I found very intersting, to be honest I thought about teaching something very similer in my upcoming school, but I can never put it in the same way that Yaro is doing.
If you have been following any of the A-list bloggers you probably already know that most of them are promoting this program, this is how good Yaro is and this is all I can say about it for the moment.
Before I tell you any more, Blog Mastermind open the doors for new members tomorrow (July 28th 2008) and I will leave you with this free and very informative video: here
Make sure to watch it as soon as you can, you have my guarentee that you will like it. 🙂

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