Guru Of Sales Entrepreneur Superstar comeback!

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Projects done, and anniversaries.

So, I have been gone for a while working on a new project, it’s over and successful.

Holidays rush is over, done lots of classes teaching online trading for the holidays.

Want to say Hello, and Happy New Year (I know it’s late, but better than never).

Was ill since New Year’s day, and finally today in about one hour from writing this it matches my 30 months quit smoking anniversary, (I am not counting anymore) I got an anniversary email today from me decide to quit)  that it’s my 30th month smoke free today at 6:15 PM and according to the great “gadget/tool” I did not smoke over 27000 cigarettes since I quit (WOW) and that’s cold turkey. I am impressed.

So just dropping in saying hello, I missed the apprentice’s first episode but I will still write about it, brand new about me page coming up and also (By demand) a new marketplace/jobs page also coming soon.

Oh… and it will rain articles here very soon as well 😉

See ya soon.

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