Bebo sold for $850 million… To AOL!!



Just when you think that life is better and people finally realizing that AOL is NOT the “Internet” at it’s best. AOL turn around and make a very strange decision by buying (a leading social networking site in Europe and mostly in Ireland).

I remember when AOL and AOL affiliates worldwide were trying to dominate the market with their software. And I never liked it. As many of you know, I like options options options. And the AOL system (Software) doesn’t give me as much as I need it to, after their massive marketing plans I was “still” not convinced to download it. And thank god I didn’t.

Now in a weird move, AOL bought Bebo, and if you don’t live in Europe, you will wonder who or what the heck is Bebo.
I have been a member of bebo since November of 2007 when an Irish friend of mine told me that it’s the Myspace of Europe, specifically Ireland.
It is a great site, but I never thought it would make it big to the U.S., however AOL turns around and buy it!!!

Now after hearing the news, instead of being active on bebo about 6 days a week, I will reduce my activity on there in an effort to stay away from the evil AOL as much as I can.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for the guys at bebo and will personally congratulate them for the big sale, after all it’s $850 Million 😉

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