May 3rd Shut down day.


May 3rd of this year marks my best friends wedding, and also one of my new favorite days, the shut down day.

It is becoming one of the biggest global movement ever, to shut down your computers completely for 24 hours.

The idea started to find out if people can stay away from computers for 24 hours, and what will happen. Well I did it last year, and I took a long bike ride (First time out after my leg accident) and it was great.

This year I am committed to taking the next step in my effort to help have greener earth.

I will not only shut down all my computers, I will also shut down this blog for 24 hours with one logo that will show.

I will also be at my friends wedding, but after the wedding I am going to be in time square to participate in a flash mob (I got the idea from the site) and then I will just go home and simply sleep.

To find out more (And please do) go to and see the way that you can participate, of course the idea is still to shut down your computer for 24 hours. and just enjoy your day 😉

3 thoughts on “May 3rd Shut down day.”

  1. that’s right and we all should spend little time on computer in our spare time…

    what we should do is to go out and enjoy some fresh air……

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