Did you ever break Glass? I broke mine (and fixed it) last night

Horrifying yet funny story!
Last night I was on my way to Google NYC for a GDG meetup. I figured let me charge Glass, I plugged my Glass to my http://www.voltaicsystems.com/ solar charger backpack. Been doing that with no issues for a while.
Got to google, charge was full, sat down and unplugged it.
It made a crazy noise with vibration (kind like it got stuck on a ringtone loop) then just BLANK.
I mean blank, no picture, no sound nothing. tried o charge, tried to bluetooth it, just nothing.
I figured I am 1 block away from Glass Studio, I should stop by. I went, they had a private party and not one Glass support was available, they asked me to call the 800 number or come back tomorrow. My heart just stopped (I love Glass and am addicted to it). I tried to call the 800 number (twice) with a hold time to connect of over 30 minutes each. I gave up. And went home.
I tried to hard reset it the second time at home and guess what? It worked like nothing happened at all. Turns out, when I tried to hard reset it the first time, I only clicked less than 15 seconds and I never actually turned it back on after that (3 seconds press after a hard reset).
If this eve happened to you, do not panic, just press the power button for 15 seconds, release, then click again for 3-5 seconds.
Hard reset is not factory reset, you will not loose anything, your timeline and cards are all the same.
Did any of you had this issue before? What did you do?

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