Green Earth! The Cause!

It is finaly here!
Green Earth! The Cause on Facebook along with the group to support it.
For years I have been encouraging everyone I know to go green. I personally believe that by going green, you will do much more than saving Earth, in fact I think that a lot of other “Man-made” problems will be solved if we all do something about it.
The talking will be less and the doing will be more now.
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The cause just started, the main goal is to share tips on going green and actually do it.
More updates will be coming on it, and I welcome any ides on the cause’s page or by commenting here.


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One thought on “Green Earth! The Cause!”

  1. If I were more of a tree hugger I’d be a lot more interested in this. I think it’s great and all to protect the earth and the environment, but honestly I’m not that excited about it. Maybe one day someone or something will motivate me to do better. Props to those of you who are environmentalists. I’m grateful for your work and excitement about Green Earth.

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