The One Reason I use LastPass


I’ve been meaning to write about lastpass for years.

My passwords got out of hands a few years ago, I needed a good password management system, I looked everywhere.

All password management software had almost the same options, generate secure passwords, sync it with any device, form auto fill, high encryption, save it all in the clouds… Wait, what?!

Why would I ever save all my passwords and sensitive information on any cloud based service? That’s a big NO NO for me.

Except that lastpass does all the above PLUS they don’t save your passwords or logins in the cloud, your highly encrypted file is downloaded and de-crypted in each device that you use, in fact, if you forget your master password, it’s extremely hard even for them to get you back in. So, don’t forget your freakin master password.

Not to mention a couple more great features: Secure notes which is like evernote but encrypted and saved within your account, and their amazing security check which keeps your logins fresh and up to date with security.

Lastpass is really awesome and it works with anything, really, even with my firefox for android! And it’s completely FREE, or for mobile devices it’s only $12 per year!! That’s 3.2 cents a day! How much do you spend on your coffee per day?!

And for me, if you use my link to lastpass I get 1 free month of premium and then you can share your link and get free month as well.

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