Ad:Tech, a flash back review of 7search

When I visited Ad:Tech NY, one of the biggest online advertising company grabbed my attention:

I gathered great information from their sales rep. Brad Stanley and this is what I think:

When I first visited over 5 years ago they were already a powerful online advertising company, conducts over 1.7 Billion Searches per month with well over 200,000 uniques. is one of the leading pay-per-ranking search engines on the entire web with patent pending Fraud Detection Technology, giving advertisers the highest ROI, you can begin bidding on keywords for as little as one penny!

They are a transparent bid auction, this means they will show you the total searches on each keyword and as well as current bid prices so you can bid accordingly to become more visible on Search Engine Results Pages, ultimately bringing more business to you. They have partnered with a network of over 39,000 advertisers as well as 35% (600) of the search engines that are currently generating quality traffic on the web now.

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