Super Bowl Sunday: 63 commercials interrupted by 1 game

A quick post:

Super Bowl Sunday is all about marketing.

At least that’s what I think.

With about 158 million Americans with wide eyeballs and More than a billion viewers will watch the game, in 223 countries and territories, thanks to 57 international broadcasters, looking at the years most marketed game, and the fact that there is over $170.1 million worth of commercials sold by Fox: There will be 63 ads interrupting the game (or you might say the game will interrupt the 63 commercials), and for each 30-second spot, Fox will collect $2.7 million. Wow, that’s $90,000 per second.

I think that this is the first marketing “Game” and the second TV marketing event after New Years eve.

A quick review of 30 years of advertising is: Here (I like the Yahoo one) 🙂

YouTupe is having a ” Vote for your favorite ad event right after the game” through adblitz: Here

And even my favorite domain registrar got famous thanks to their daring you Super Bowl Commercial few years back.

Get you own domain name with Godaddy for just $1.99 per year during the Super Bowl promotion and get a chance to watch all Godaddy’s daring commercials through out the years (Even the ones that was banned by TV due to their strong adult materials) by clicking on this banner:

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 120x240

Want a sneak preview of the ad before the game? For free? Here is what you do:

Click on Godaddy’s banner above, Scroll all the way to the bottom, one of the links there says ” BobParsons”  click on it, then click on the “Fox hands us a lemon” article under Jan. 2008, you will find the secret link to the free video there.

I will deliver you my own coverage of the ads (Not the game) shortly after the game. Enjoy your Ads.

I meant enjoy the game 😉

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