Hot or Not sold for $20 Millions

hotornot.gif was just sold for a reported $20 Millions to Avid Life Media. Well, big congratulations to the founders Jim and James.

As you might know now, I have been a member for a couple of years  now and I loved how was the site so open since the start and the freedom we had as members.

In the beginning the site was all about rating people based on their looks. Then they have implemented a dating method that was different than any other dating service site.

And I have to say that they kept it clean of any pornographic images, by manually moderating the site (Funny it was James parents who took out the bad pictures).

Now with the explosion of the site’s application on FaceBook and so many highly trafficked social networking sites, and after reporting about $5 Million a year revenue from their site, I think that another $20 Million to top that is a great deal.

I know and hope that Jim and James will have another great idea to come up with. But for now, I wish them great luck and hope they don’t spend it all in one place 😉

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