Remember when we read emails?


Of course you do, email is still king, it’s the first thing you do in the morning, even before you coffee or tea.

Now, do you remember (the little blogging video tutorial site that I sold in 2009 for $h!t load of cash then bought the domain back for almost nothing)? And do you remember when I started a small newsletter and advised everyone to do the same and grow the list?!

Well our newsletter is still growing, we now sign up with huge companies and share the books they give us for free almost twice a month (saved you a ton of money huh?!).

If this list (sign up here) continues to grow at the same rate, we will reach 80,000 subscribers by the end of this week. All this without one drop of advertising (we might be crazy)!

We want to thank everyone who engaged with us throughout the years especially almost 80,000 people by telling you that we will not be adding any advertising to our newsletter until we reach 100,000 subscribers.

We are also breaking some rules, we are sending more books you way, it seamed to get you better attention (or maybe people just read faster now!)

My team just sent one this morning, enjoy the new book 🙂

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