Banks learning from Web 2.0!

I am sure that everyone is aware of the bad economy crisis in the U.S., and I am sure that every stock in the market went down on 9/29/08 (except for Campbell Soup!).
I also know that some companies went up the following day (Mostly advertising/Marketing related companies). But I know for sure that my industry is still going strong, this is the best time for people to start selling stuff on eBay, or for bloggers to start writing or double their writing for articles, news companies powered by (Fill the blank company ad) are the most visited right now.
My bank (Wachovia) got bought out! (But my money is safe) so, I guess I will keep going 😉
I got to the park with a nice espresso frappuccino from a near Starbucks and luckily (wink, wink!) there is WiFi in the air all over the park (Thank you NYU students), going through my RSS feeds for this morning I found a funny and sarcastic picture of how banks are copying our Web 2.0 cool stuff!
So, I shared the picture.
Enjoy ;-p

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