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The Social Network! aka “Facebook The Movie”

Do you remember when I used to blog a lot, and spend a ton of time on social networks…?

And do you remember when I first found out and blogged about “The Facebook Movie” almost 2 freakin years ago!  (Seriously click on the link above and look at the date published)

Well, The movie is scheduled to be out this fall by Columbia Pictures, and as Mashable said, they are expecting the movie to be a good one, based on the novel by Ben MezrichThe Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal” (here is the Kindle version of the book) and the screen play by Aaron Sorkin, the movie will go through much of the early days of facebook all the way until the well known privacy debate and beyond.

Still can’t wait to see it, will try to gather a few friends and tweet about it sometime when it’s out 🙂

Free SEO videos from Aaron Wall

I have just finished watching all the videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from legendary Aaron Wall. All I can advice my readers with is to go take a look at the videos and to download the free SEO tools that Aaron offers here: Videos.
Enjoy 🙂

FaceBook for Dummies is out

Every where, on newsstands and in book stores, A great book about FaceBook is coming out.
FaceBook for dummies official publishing date is Feb. 11th 2008.
I had the honer of having a copy of the pre-print book and as an old facebooker I think it’s great for both newbies and advanced application builders.
Enjoy it guys and get your discounted copy from amazon.com (only $9.99 for Kindle users, click below to find out more about Kindle)
Enjoy the book.