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Browser Size from Google Labs (Who cares?!)

And so do you, that’s if you own a site, or a blog or just like statistics like myself 🙂

A simple yet powerful idea that 99% of site owners and webmasters forgot about. I mean it’s the time of netbooks, Smart phones and mobile browsing.
Isn’t it important for you to know how people view your sites? Especially if you have a low bounce rate, you may want to visit the Google Browser Size project and see how many of your visitors see exactly what at a first glance at your page. Back in the days (and I assume until now) we used to call it what’s above the fold, that’s why you will see almost every blogger in the world have their “Subscribe to” links or “Email Signup” form on the first half of any page on their blog, this Google tool is powerful in a way that helps you re-design or re-arrange your pages to get maximum benefits from it.
Another service worth the mention in this post is BrowserShot, which is very similar to Google’s Service, but not to compare screens, instead, it compares different browsers, with different resolutions and across platforms (let’s face it, not every one uses windows) :-p

Google’s Chrome: A new era for web browsers

Yesterday, Google released the beta of their new open-source web-browser Chrome. A Google blog post from the previous day contains an explanation of their design philosophy behind it, together with an introductory comic strip, which explains matters a lot more. I’d encourage people to check it out (well, the comic at least).
Basically, it seems this browser is different from others in that
rather than the browser session being the ‘main unit’, processes are split
down by individual browser tabs. As far as I understand this means
that, for example, a crash or slow script or page in one tab shouldn’t crash or
hang your other ones. Which would be convenient! The flow of the tabs
is also supposed to lead to improvements in security as they are
restricted in what they can see and do (e.g. communication between
tabs) more than in other browsers. I suppose we will have to wait and
see what impact this has on the browser world. As it’s an open-source, I think something really good may be scooped up by future versions of
Firefox and so on.
I also read that Mozilla is not worried about the announcement and that CEO John Lilly said: They feel that they can make a better browser by starting from scratch–advances in browsers are good.

UPDATE: Download Google Chrome here.